My Matilda

The new beaver-girl’s name is Matilda.

I found a source on the internet for female German names and their meanings. I chose the name Matilda for a few reasons.

The meaning is Battle maiden. Surely this girl has fought through many battles in the year or so she’s been alive.

She just LOOKS likes a Matilda.

And finally, my mom used to call me Matilda once in awhile when I was a kid. I have no idea why.

She and I have made great strides together since she’s been here. Many long tick removal treatments and baths. She has been amazingly sweet and patient through all of it. Never once has she made an aggressive or defensive move toward me.

She is now eating almost non stop! Once her appetite kicked in she ate until she was so full she couldn’t swallow any more and her mouth was stuffed with leaves and apple pieces and I actually had to take them out of her mouth so she wouldn’t choke. And she LET me!



I believe I have gotten almost all of the ticks off her. Every once in awhile I’ll find some new ones that must have been to small for me to feel sooner.


I’m spoiling her  as much as I can.

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A New Addition to The Hill

Yesterday I got a call about a young beaver in trouble so I made the arrangements and went and got her.

This poor girl is in really rough shape. She’s just skin and bones.



She has a bite out of her tail like Pudge had!


A college student  found her along a walking trail, laying on her side and covered with flies. He thought she was dead. He found online and called my ‘beaver mentor’ in New York and she got him in touch with me.

Once I got a look at her I knew we had a long road ahead of us. She is extremely underweight and absolutely COVERED with deer ticks. The ones around and inside her ears, around her eyes, and covering her face are the ones that you can actually see. What you can’t see, because of a beavers thick fur, is that most of her body is also covered.





I took her to see the vet and had blood work done, and x-rays. So we know for sure that she has no broken bones and that she is indeed a girl. She is probably about a year old. She is anemic, has pneumonia, and her blood sugar was very low.

I started on the tick removal process and antibiotics yesterday and got her settled into the greenhouse until we know she’s healthy enough to introduce to B.B.

This one is old enough to have learned some natural beaver behavior from her family so I’m praying that she and BB get along well and the knowledge can be passed along. If they DON’T get along I’m not sure what the heck I’m gonna do!!

All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated!


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The Cupola

There was a martin house that used to be up at our cottage many years back. I’m not really sure where it came from. I’m fairly certain that my dad didn’t make it. Do any of my siblings know anything about it? Please share if you do.

Anyway, when mom and dad used to come and stay with us at our home in Greensboro, dad asked me if I would like to have it since there were no martins coming to it up at the cottage, of course I said yes since I had always loved it. We lived down the road from a beautiful lake that had many martins around so I guess dad thought we had a better chance at luring them to use the house. He hauled it from Michigan to North Carolina and we put it up. No martins. Lots of starlings and sparrows.

When we moved to Virginia we hauled it along with us and put it up, again, no martins. Lots of starlings and sparrows.

Eventually we took it down and it has been sitting under our front porch for years. I finally had the inspiration to mount it on top of my potting shed as a cupola. Last weekend I painted it and Mr.C and I got it up there. I’m sure we won’t get martins, but perhaps some of my future baby squirrels will make use of it… or even starlings or sparrows. I don’t really care, I just like seeing it up there.



And now…


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Proud Gardener

It’s a banner year for sweet bell peppers here on The Hill this season. I’m particularly proud because I started all of my plants from seed this time. These seeds were called Rainbow mix bell peppers.


I’m glad the peppers did well because both the cukes and the maters got “the blight”  as Mr. C’s dad used to call it.

I guess I’ve got some stuffing to do!

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BB’s New Digs

I’ve been working on the beaver room in the basement since BB is getting a little too big for the bath tub these days.

Today was her first day checking out her new digs.





As you can see I won’t be any competition for my professional muralist friends!

I tried.

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Mission Accomplished!

I’ve had something on my to-do list for the past month or so.

I told you all about Kibbles, our rafter-cat in this post.

I’d noticed awhile back that she hasn’t been grooming herself well and was becoming matted, but she has the uncanny ability to read my mind and knows when I’m planning a grooming session and keeps herself just out of reach. But today I tricked her!


She feels SO much better now!


And we’ve got an extra cat!


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River Angels

UPDATE… Mr.C. pointed out to me that some may find the term ‘redneck’ to be offensive, so I want to make it clear that I LOVE ‘rednecks’… to me they are honest, hardworking and unpretentious and that is my kind of folk! 

My cousins that will soon be moving to the area came and spent the day with us yesterday. The weather was overcast with a slight chance of light showers. But we decided to go down to the river for a float.

We haven’t done an actual tube float in quite awhile and had a minor (cough cough) miscalculation about how long it would take us to float from the state park down to our usual floating area. The river is low and we got a bit of a late start. We remembered it to take about four hours… which may be true in a canoe, with paddles, and normal water levels… but we were in tubes. About three a half hours in, it  started raining and getting chilly and it was already 5:30! We came across a young boy named Jacob that was fishing and he asked us if we were taking out at Gooney Run. When we said yes he told us it would be at least another FOUR HOURS!!!! Everyone was already miserable. Jacob’s family’s place was right across the river and they hollered out that they would drive us back to one of our cars!

An answer to prayers!



So cousin Ed got a ride back while the rest of us hung out with our rescuers. They stopped everything right when they were getting ready to sit down to dinner. They told us that this same thing happens just about once a week to them during the summer!  Some folks might watch people float on by and snicker amongst themselves about the ‘dumb tubers’ but these folks are good down-home folk. They gave us dry towels and offered us refreshments. Jacob gave up his secrets for catching catfish too.

They were tattooed, smoking and drinking rednecks with hearts of gold!

We tried to give them money for gas and they refused, telling us to just do something nice for someone else!



There is hope for humanity.

I pray for many blessings to be heaped upon these wonderful river angels. Thank you all!

P.S.  I’m not sure the cousins will EVER want to go tubing again! lol

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