Mission Accomplished!

I’ve had something on my to-do list for the past month or so.

I told you all about Kibbles, our rafter-cat in this post.

I’d noticed awhile back that she hasn’t been grooming herself well and was becoming matted, but she has the uncanny ability to read my mind and knows when I’m planning a grooming session and keeps herself just out of reach. But today I tricked her!


She feels SO much better now!


And we’ve got an extra cat!


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River Angels

UPDATE… Mr.C. pointed out to me that some may find the term ‘redneck’ to be offensive, so I want to make it clear that I LOVE ‘rednecks’… to me they are honest, hardworking and unpretentious and that is my kind of folk! 

My cousins that will soon be moving to the area came and spent the day with us yesterday. The weather was overcast with a slight chance of light showers. But we decided to go down to the river for a float.

We haven’t done an actual tube float in quite awhile and had a minor (cough cough) miscalculation about how long it would take us to float from the state park down to our usual floating area. The river is low and we got a bit of a late start. We remembered it to take about four hours… which may be true in a canoe, with paddles, and normal water levels… but we were in tubes. About three a half hours in, it  started raining and getting chilly and it was already 5:30! We came across a young boy named Jacob that was fishing and he asked us if we were taking out at Gooney Run. When we said yes he told us it would be at least another FOUR HOURS!!!! Everyone was already miserable. Jacob’s family’s place was right across the river and they hollered out that they would drive us back to one of our cars!

An answer to prayers!



So cousin Ed got a ride back while the rest of us hung out with our rescuers. They stopped everything right when they were getting ready to sit down to dinner. They told us that this same thing happens just about once a week to them during the summer!  Some folks might watch people float on by and snicker amongst themselves about the ‘dumb tubers’ but these folks are good down-home folk. They gave us dry towels and offered us refreshments. Jacob gave up his secrets for catching catfish too.

They were tattooed, smoking and drinking rednecks with hearts of gold!

We tried to give them money for gas and they refused, telling us to just do something nice for someone else!



There is hope for humanity.

I pray for many blessings to be heaped upon these wonderful river angels. Thank you all!

P.S.  I’m not sure the cousins will EVER want to go tubing again! lol

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Another Loss On The Hill

Despite my best efforts we lost our little C.C. last night.

I took her in for a necropsy this morning and found out that her liver was very pale, and her stomach tissue was very thin and necrotic. The cause of her rear leg paralysis wasn’t determined.

And yes, we found out for sure that CC was indeed a she.

We’re going to miss this sweet baby.


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Plugging Along

I haven’t posted in awhile because things just haven’t been going that great up here on The Hill.

Something killed Wally


Something killed beautiful Bobby Lee


And CC has developed something that has robbed him/her of the use of both back legs. The vet is stumped. We’re trying hard to get it figured out and fixed. All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated!

I haven’t been feeling good either. I’ll spare you the details but I had a bunch of blood work done yesterday, so hopefully we’ll get MY issues figured out and dealt with as well.

On a brighter note

BB is feeling a lot better and is acting like a good Sassy beaver should

Hopefully things will start looking a little bit better soon.

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I’ve be really enjoying watching a pair of bluebirds raising their youngins right outside the sunroom






They’re doing a great job!

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Wally and the Pool Party

So yesterday I released Wally the European Starling. Well actually, he kind of released himself when I put my hand in the cage to feed him breakfast! He flew strongly into the locust trees in the back yard.

While we had him in the house we kept repeating “Hey good lookin!” because I found out that starlings are excellent talkers. I thought hearing that every day would be a good positive thing to hear if he learned to say it!

So after he took off, I’d go in the yard a yell “Hey good lookin!” and he would squawk at me from wherever he was in the trees. We worked outside most of the day and he even flew down for food a few times when I yelled it to him. Later in the afternoon he didn’t answer me and I wondered if I’d see him again.

By evening I still hadn’t heard or seen him. I went up to take a shower and a while later Mr. C came into the bathroom with Wally in hand! Apparently, while he was ‘missing’ he had headed over to Neighbor Mike’s who was having a big pool party. According to Mike, Wally would join the kids floating on rafts in the pool and generally just made a nuisance of himself begging for treats!

They finally brought him to me thinking I would know how to take care of him. Mr.C informed them that I have been taking care of him for the past few weeks!

Apparently I’ve raised a party-bird!


He is back incarcerated until I know he can feed himself instead of begging total strangers to put stuff into his mouth!

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Can She Bake A Cherry Pie

When we first moved to The Hill 17 years ago I planted a Montmorency Cherry tree. I did so because I have fond memories of the one that grew in our backyard at the home where I grew up in Detroit.

I can remember my dad checking the tree when he got home from work each day to see if they were ready to be picked. I can remember him announcing “Tomorrow is picking day!” I remember him standing on an old wooden stepladder to get the ones highest in the tree. I remember him singing “Can she bake a cherry pie Johnnie boy, Johnnie boy…” to my mom. I can remember my mom rolling her eyes!  My dad didn’t get excited about a lot of things but he did love those cherries and all of the wonderful pies and jams my mom made with them. No matter what mom made with them dad would always, ALWAYS get the one wayward pit that hadn’t been discarded.

Anyway, back to The Hill… that tree I planted grew very well and started bearing fruit, but every single year as soon as they started to ripen the mockingbirds converged and we never got a single cherry! Soon it had gotten so big that it was shading the area where I had my vegetable garden so I told my neighbor down the road that if he wanted to dig it up with his tractor he could have it. He came and dug it up, yanked it out of the ground and literally dragged it home with a chain. I held out no hope whatsoever that it would live. Well, not only did it live but THEY get cherries on it every year and the birds don’t come to THEIR house and eat them all!

Ticks me off!

This year the neighbors are off camping and I went down to check on their chickens, ducks, and guineas and I noticed that the tree was loaded with lovely ripe cherries. I couldn’t resist.


And this is what I remember most about cherry picking time back in the day…



Having to pit those suckers using a hairpin! Now that is NOT a FOND memory.


Maybe that’s why Daddy always got that wayward pit…. hummmmmmm

I didn’t make a cherry pie, but I did make a low-carb cherry crisp…


it smells delicious!

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