Happy Belated Easter

All of us here on The Hill hope that you had a wonderfully blessed Easter. We certainly did!

The Easter bunny stopped by here after his job was finished so he could take a little rest.


We’ve been busy, busy, BUSY around here!

The mulch pile has been spread, and all of the firewood for next winter is cut, split and stacked!

We’ve also had some company!

Mr. C’s Uncle and cousin stopped by for an overnight visit.


Poppet is always happy to have extra spankers around! She made the rounds!


Also, it turns out we’ve got some cousins from my side of the family moving to our area and they stopped here over night on a quick trip to check out the area and look at some houses.

It’s always fun to have youngsters come and visit because they love the critters and yard almost as much as I do! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures this visit but I’m sure there will be plenty more!

I got the BEST thank you notes from those boys too! I just have to share them…




More artists in the family! Look at the attention to detail in those drawings! Their Mom sent a nice note too but she didn’t draw me a picture!  We’re looking forward to having family close by!

There are also changes happening around here.

Mr. C. has changed shifts and will now be working days, today was his first day. It might take a little getting used to!

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Sunday Stroll 4-13-2014


The temp in the shade today!


So this is what we’ve been working on a lot lately. We’ve already moved about 3/4 of the pile!


I sanded my Sassy Cat sign… looks much better!


The toads are gettin busy in the pond.


The girls and Bobby Lee are enjoying the sunshine.


The Virginia Bluebells are poppin


So are the Daffodils and the Marsh Marigolds



The waterfall got a little wider



The Crazy Dog People gave us this cool solar fountain for Christmas, love it!


The front porch is ready for visiting!


Happy Sunday! Happy Spring!


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I’m Back! Finally!

The hard drive on my laptop crashed a few weeks ago. Thank goodness that for some reason we decided to buy the extended warranty when we bought it. That is something we almost never do!

As my friend Mrs. Schmenkman would say… “That’s a kiss on the cheek from God!”

Unfortunately I hadn’t backed up many of my recent pictures so I lost a lot of good ones that I was planning to share.

So here are just a few things that have been happening here on The Hill.

One of our big white pines began dying a slow death so we made the sad decision to cut her down.



Until I got the bright idea to turn her into a bird feeding pole!


The squirrels approve!


Casey likes to squeeze himself into a box.


This big boy was stalking our pond. He sat in Neighbor Mike’s locust tree just watching for the longest time.



Then he flew to the fence.



The he moved in for the hunt.



Then I scared him away!


Speaking of Neighbor Mike, he got a lead on a big walnut tree that was going to be cut down so he got us permission to get the firewood. That’s what we worked on all day yesterday. The thing was covered in various types of vines. Right now we’re praying that none of them were poison ivy!



Tomorrow we’ll go on a Sunday Stroll.

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Prudence Finds Her Prince Charming

There is a new resident here on The Hill!

Meet Bobby Lee


He is a pure bred Phoenix Rooster and he is gorgeous!

If he looks familiar to you it may be because he was the inspiration for this commissioned mosaic I did a while back.


He has been my friend Penny’s favorite roo and she loves him very much. Unfortunately, Penny had a Coupe in her Coop similar to what happened here on The Hill a few years back CLICK HERE for that sad story.

So Penny asked me if I could help her find Bobby Lee a home before something worse happened to him, he had been beaten up pretty badly.

While I wasn’t intending to have any more roosters, I jumped at the chance of getting Bobby Lee because she said he is sweet and friendly and would eat out of her hand.

And did I mention how GORGEOUS he is??!!!


Look at those tail feathers!

He’ll be even more beautiful once his war wounds heal up.

Prudence is QUITE taken with him and has been busy showing him around The Hill and all of her favorite places to find tasty treats.





LouWeasel, the lone survivor of the weasel attack we had in the Bantam coop, likes him too but she isn’t infatuated with him like Pru is.


Brutus even introduced himself even though he was a bit unsure



We’re so happy to have him here! Thanks Penny! (And Bernie too!)

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Boys Are Trouble

Brutus Beefcake has healed nicely from his abscess surgery and he’s clearly gotten VERY content being indoors.


Poppet has been tolerant… sometimes.


Onto another boy’s story…

When we brought Casey home all of the cats tolerated him fairly well. All except for Kibbles… she HATES Casey and when he moved in she decided that she was going to permanently move into the basement rafters. She refuses to come down from there.

Of course I’ve made her quite comfortable. She has her favorite toy


She has multiple shelves to sleep on, she has her food and water, and yes, she even has her own litter boxes UP IN THE RAFTERS!




But Casey still occasionally gets bored and gets up into the rafters to torment her.

This morning I heard a crash down there and went down to find Casey running away with his tail all poofed out like a feather duster. I saw that one of Kibble’s sleeping blankets had fallen off her shelf.

Then I noticed blood … I tracked Casey upstairs following the spots of blood on the floor.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but this is the result



I certainly hope he’s learned his lesson! Somehow I doubt it, boys are trouble!

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Playing In Watercolors

I bought an inexpensive watercolor set just to give it a try. I love painting with acrylics, but I found myself trying to achieve details that frankly, I’m just not good enough, or patient enough to make happen.  Watercolor  appeals to me because it’s naturally a looser style of painting and I don’t seem to stress as much about it. I really like the surprise factor of what the paint does on it’s own after it’s applied to the wet paper.

This was my second attempt… a little mini, wet on dry


And my third painting. It’s way over-worked and I’m not crazy about it.


And here’s my third, still on the easel… I am pretty happy with this one so far.


I’ve also been working on a new mosaic, another rooster.

Guess I’ve been feeling artsy lately.

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Shoveling is For the BIRDS

Literally! They get space cleared out and the feeders filled before anything else. Priorities!



I turned some pots onto their sides for extra feeding stations



So we got about 22” of snow one day




and today it’s sunny and in the 50s!

I love that!

Being stuck inside made me kinda productive.

I finally finished a hummingbird commission


And I painted my very first watercolor!


Let it snow! (can’t believe I just wrote that!)



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