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Favorite Vacation Pics

I thought I’d better post these pictures before I let my promise of posting them slip through the cracks.       A lucky shot of the bald eagles while bobbing around in the boat! The iconic fish house One … Continue reading

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Sunday Stroll on the Bluebell Trail

I haven’t forgotten about posting more photos of our real vacation, but today you can join us on a Sunday Stroll at Andy Guest State Park along the aptly named Bluebell trail. Every spring the Virginia Bluebells bloom their little … Continue reading

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Catching Up … A Real Vacation!

Since we are currently beaver-less we actually got to go on a real vacation this winter! At the end of February we headed down for a long awaited visit to see my Sissy at her beautiful Paradise Gardens on North … Continue reading

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Happy 2017!!

I’m sick! I brought in the new year with a shot of Nyquil. I have a “heavy cold”… hey, whatta ya know, I’m just like the Queen! BUT… I’m gonna keep on keepin on, that’s my motto for the year. … Continue reading

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The Georgia Aquarium

We’ve been wanting to visit the Georgia Aquarium since it opened so we decided to stop by there before we went way down yonder to visit the beavers. Despite the EXTREMELY high cost to get a very poor lunch and … Continue reading

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A Somber Return to the Blob

Welcome to the quarterly installment of Life On Sassy Cat Hill. Hopefully that is just a little joke and I’ll get back to blobbing a bit more regularly… but I won’t make any promises. I’ve had a few posts sloshing … Continue reading

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Now I’m a Yakker

Mr C got a bonus and he bought me a present! Yep, that’s how he rolls… am I a lucky gal or what?!?!! On the last day of his staycation we headed out to a local lake so I could … Continue reading

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