Sunday Stroll 10-25-2015

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken a Sunday Stroll.

Fall is no longer peeking around the corner, it’s here in all of it’s glory!






This tree ‘died’ last year and we cut it down.


Apparently it just wanted a new start!

Sassafras trees have glorious color


This maple hitched a ride as a seedling along with some ferns I brought home from Michigan a number of years ago.


I’m glad it decided to tag along… a little taste of ‘home’

I’ll admit to not taking these pictures while on the stroll today, I need Mr.C’s help if there is more than one beaver on the loose! From back to front Michi, B.B. and Pita



My Three Beavers!  (Matilda didn’t want to play)

Brutus feeling sassy


Mr. C is fishing in a bass tournament on Lake Anna today… wish him luck!

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It’s Only Fair

Miracle caught a glimpse of  Mojo and his girls frolicking freely in the back yard the other day.

Her jealousy was palpable so I let her experience the ‘other side of the fence’ where the grass is truly greener.




Now that’s a happy girl!

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Free Range Fun

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I couldn’t resist letting Mojo, Trixie and Margie out for some fun in the yard.

I haven’t let anyone loose since my poor Prudence was killed. It was good to see them wandering about.


Discovering the bounty amongst the dead tomatoes


and along the rock edging


Mojo kept a close eye on his girls


And guided them safely back to the coop as the sun was going down.



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Updates: a Friday list

I’m still alive. Let me tell you, 4 beavers and all of the other critters produce lots of poop, all of which needs to be cleaned up.

I feel like that is what I’m all about these days… poop cleaning.

Not much time for blobbing.

Mr. C does lend a hand in the scooping for which I am very grateful.

Especially the horse poop scooping!

I celebrated my 53rd birthday on the 1st.

FIFTY THREE YEARS!!!! How did that happen?

I moved a huge pile of gravel that day so I guess I’m holding up O.K.

Mr. C and I celebrated our 30th anniversary on the 12th!

THIRTY YEARS!!! I can’t believe he’s put up with me for so long.

We went to a movie (The Martian… good!) and out for an early dinner (TGI Fridays… not so good)

Fall is peeking it’s colorful head around the corner.




Where did the summer go? I don’t remember it.

I don’t think I ever told you the newest beaver’s name.

It’s PITA, (short for Pain In The A$$)

He/she loves the blankie



Michi is growing up quickly and was abruptly transferred down to the downstairs beaver room when Pita arrived… he wasn’t happy about that!


I’m putting Pita down there each day so they’ll be used to each other when it’s time for him/her to move down there too. Pita is still on a bottle and quite a bit smaller than Michi.  Here they are ‘helping’ me to clean the tank.


The beginning of an uneven wrestling match


Pita gets scared and goes to the end of the tank


Begging for grapes. So hard to believe they are only a couple of months apart in age.


They are calling for the first frost of the year this weekend so I’ve spent the last couple of days preparing the greenhouse and bidding farewell to the gardens.


They are looking a bit tired these days… kinda like me!

Guess I’ve rambled on long enough… Happy fall everyone!

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All About The Bling

My MaMa didn’t wear a lot of jewelry. What she did tend to wear were big bright earrings to match the outfit she was wearing, or if she was going to a special occasion she might throw on a necklace to jazz herself up a bit. I’m very much the same. Especially since cleaning up animal poop doesn’t really call for too much bling.

One of the times I went to visit her before she died she called me into the bedroom of her apartment and asked me if I would like anything from her little jewelry box. There wasn’t a lot in there. Since opal is my birthstone, I chose an opal ring that my dad had given her and also a raw opal that she told me my dad had found when he was in Australia recovering from injuries sustained in WWII.

The opal ring was not very attractive because of the setting it was in, but the stone was stunning. I never wore it because I thought it looked odd on my finger.


The setting reminded me of one of those old ball key chains. I had thoughts of turning it into a necklace or something.

The raw opal barely looked like an opal at all. There was a lot of rough stone still covering the actual gem. It never occurred to me to take a photo of it for a before picture. It wasn’t much to look at but the history was special and MaMa had saved it for many years.

I was fortunate to meet and become friends with a wonderful artist here in Virginia. She is multi-talented in that she draws, paints, and designs and makes beautiful jewelry.

I showed her the ring and asked her if she thought she could do anything to make it prettier. She was sure that she could. So one afternoon I took it over to her place and at the last minute I decided to take her the raw opal as well to ask her if she could do anything with that. I gave her free reign to do whatever her spirit moved her to do with it.

Yesterday she brought both pieces back to me and I was stunned with what she had created! The opal in the ring could not be removed from the unattractive setting so she MADE it attractive.



I adore it!

What she did with the raw opal brought me to tears. She removed the outer stone surrounding the gem inside . She polished and shined that baby up and wrapped it with a design of swirls from sterling silver wire.

WIN_20150911_06_13_51_Pro (2)

I adore it!

I wish MaMa could have seen what that plain little stone she had saved all those years became. I know she would have loved it.

I took these photographs with my laptop camera so they do not do justice to the fine craftsmanship in these pieces.

If you’re interested in any custom made bling by this wonderfully talented artist you can find her on Pinterest… 

Or Facebook…

Or Etsy…

You can also see her other artwork at …


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GOOD MORNING!!! Some People Are Strange

I’m trying to get back into the habit of taking a walk in the mornings. I’ve found that if I actually GO somewhere to walk I am more disciplined about sticking to it.

There is a nice trail at a nearby park that I’ve been going to. Today I smiled and said “Good morning!” to every single person I passed. There were quite a few people out there today. I would say that roughly 3 out of 5 returned my greeting although many seemed somewhat reluctant to do so. The others totally did not even acknowledge my greeting at all. Where in the world have basic manners gone? I cannot even imagine acting like that.

O’well, I’m going to keep saying good morning to everyone regardless.

Have a great day everyone!

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If You’ve Already Got Three, What’s One More

I had already put the bottles and formula away for the year.

And then I got the call.

A very late season baby was discovered in someone’s yard.

Michi and the new baby

Sigh… here we go again.

It’s amazing to me that Michi is only 4 months old especially when compared to this one that is probably about a month and a half.



The first introductions went well. Michi seems a little bit afraid of the baby though.

It will be nice that these two can grow up together.

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