Is Anyone Still Here?

Hello from Sassy Cat Hill!

I Thought I’d dip my toe back in the blob waters but I have no idea if anyone will read it since I’ve been gone for so long!

Life has been busy.

We’ve been considering leaving The Hill as certain neighbors have made us extremely unhappy these past couple of years.

Even worse… The Crazy Dog Family is leaving the neighborhood! They are like family to us and we will miss them so much!

We were house hunting pretty seriously for a few months but nothing we saw was ‘the place’. There have been a couple of contenders and one is still a good possibility. I just keep asking God to guide us in this big decision and I’ve seen his hand at work very clearly a time or two!

We’ve been doing little projects around the house in an effort to make this place more desirable in case we find the right place and put it on the market. Mostly just little fix-ups that have needed doing and cleaning the garage. Last weekend we worked on rebuilding the chicken coop runs as the posts had all rotted at the ground and the roofs were caving in!

Here they are all shiny and new.


Mr C replaced the trim on the doors too.DSCN0735 (1)

These signs no longer apply!



One big project off the list! YAY!

These little girls have been keeping me hopping! This is Ashes and Berry


And these two younger girls as well! Missy and Page



Let me tell you, raising four raccoons feels like raising 50 raccoons! Almost always amusing though!

Gave Miracle a much needed bath and did her tail.


Our newest Sassy Cat, George Bailey is growing like a weed!


Speaking of growing… The extreme rains in May and June have made the gardens grow… and the weeds and grass too! There’s always things to do outside.

Let’s take a short stroll…

DSCN0718 (1)

DSCN0711 (1)

DSCN0709 (1)



DSCN0716 (1)


Things here are much the same with the undercurrent of big change in the air. Not sure what our future holds. Just praying that God clearly shows us the way.

Guess I’ll close for now and see if any of you are still reading, let me know if you’re still interested in the happenings around here.

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Sunday Stroll/Float

Mr. C and I took the kayaks out for a float yesterday. It was a perfect day for it!

As always the views were terrific!




Look! A heron butt!!


A couple of more flattering shots.



Always a blur when I try to catch them in flight


Clearer but a bad angle


Look Schmenkie… it’s the driest thing in the world!


Towards the end of our trip I was paddling along the bank and spied what I THOUGHT was a dead snapping turtle. When I went to investigate it blinked it’s eyes! It was clearly in trouble and so I made the decision to bring it home for a vet visit. Mr. C kindly offered the front of his kayak for transport. It was so weak it couldn’t even snap so his feet weren’t in danger.


We got lots of questions when we arrived at the landing area.

I got it cleaned up back at the house and can see a fair amount of shell injury but more troubling is the weakness and it isn’t moving it’s feet or head. I suspect a spinal injury. I’ll be taking it to the vet this morning and will update soon.



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365 Straight GOAL ACHIEVED!!!

A couple of years ago I got really sick and tired of being sick and tired! Between thyroid disease, menopause, ankle surgery and just the every day aches and pains of growing older I had been getting far too comfortable in my chair crushing candies.

So I decided to start walking. I started out doing 3-4 days a week and was doing that faithfully. Then, on June 23rd 2016 I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how many days I can walk consecutively’ I started out that day thinking that maybe I’d make it a month or so.

The dog days of summer and plantar fasciitis  almost did me in but I got up super early, limped through it and got done before the heat of the day set in.

Once I surpassed 6 whole months I wondered if I could possibly shoot for an entire year. I doubted it because winter was coming and I’m a wimp in cold weather. A mild winter gave me no excuses and even on the couple of days when the driving wasn’t safe, I headed down the basement and walked on the treadmill.

So this morning marked my 365th consecutive days of walking!

I’m hesitant to make a big deal out of it when I know  people who regularly run 30-50 mile marathons and even have a high school friend that does iron man competitions!  But I’m trying to not compare my ‘little walks’ to that type of dedication and just be proud of myself for coming this far.

Mr. C asked me last night if I was going to go for TWO years… I’m pretty sure I’m not but I’ll keep on walking for sure!

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Peony Mystery

A couple of years ago I needed to move this peony to a new spot in the garden.


When I dug it up a piece of it broke off and I planted it about a foot away from the main plant. This year that piece bloomed for the first time but this is what it looks like!


I have no idea what happened!

Here’s a shot of another peony in all of it’s glory in the garden today!



I’m so glad that the blooms survived the torrential downpours we had last night!


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Sassy Iris Season

Our extra warm March and April really sped up the bloom time of things here on The Hill. I walked around and snapped a few pics of the different iris that are popping.
























Even the peonies are popping early






Mrs. Schmenkman is coming in a few weeks! Everything will be done blooming and the garden will be drab and uninteresting… until the daylilies start.

I really… REALLY need to divide all of the iris so if anyone wants divisions PLEASE let me know!

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A Sunday Stroll 4/23/2017

It rained pretty much all day yesterday so I was happy to take a short but chilly stroll this morning to see what’s happening here on The Hill.

The pink dogwoods are towards the end of their bloom but are still looking pretty.


Japanese roof iris


Siberian iris are just starting, these are the first two blooms


Purple and pink columbine



I don’t remember what these bulbs are… anyone??


Bleeding heart


The first picture is from last week and the second is this morning. The Forest Pansy Redbuds were stunning this year.



Things are sure greenin up around here!

This is the base for a wildlife pre-release cage that’s going up today. Had to haul in a bunch of gravel just to make a flat spot!


Living on a hill presents challenges sometimes!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Favorite Vacation Pics

I thought I’d better post these pictures before I let my promise of posting them slip through the cracks.

DSCN0041 (1)




DSCN0077 (1)



A lucky shot of the bald eagles while bobbing around in the boat!


The iconic fish house


One of my favorite shots… Mr. C headed towards the dock


Yup, life is good!


DSCN0047 (1)


Going to dinner




Mr. C and me


Sissy and Jack


Mr. C and a shell tree


Thank you Sissy and Jim for a great week at your beautiful Paradise Gardens


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