I’ve been singing that song in my head all day today, ever since Mr. C and I drove by a brand new FOR SALE sign in the neighborhood! Yep, my prayers have been answered!


We hiked at the state park today and I saw these Virginia bluebells just peeking out of the ground.


I hope the ice storm we’re supposed to be getting tonight and the snow coming mid-week doesn’t hurt their feelings too much. C’mon spring!

I’ve photographed this sycamore tree many times over the years. The high water from all of the rain last year has really washed out from under and around the roots. Not sure how long it’ll be able to hang on.


George Baily has been helping me with my Words With Friends game lately, maybe that’s why I’ve managed to beat Capri P once in awhile!


 Keeping up with my walking, thinking I just might challenge myself to another full year… or maybe more!

My oh my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine comin my way, Zippity do-dah!

Happy Sunday y’all !!

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Sun- Day Hike at Lake Anna State Park

Mr. C and I took advantage of the spring like temperatures  yesterday and drove a few hours to visit Lake Anna State Park. It got up to a balmy 59 degrees so it was a welcome reprieve from the bitter cold.


The park is lovely with nice views of the water.


This picture is not upside down, it’s a reflection in the water. There’s a heron on that tree.


We saw plenty of seagulls, a couple of herons and various ducks.





There was still evidence of the bitter cold of last week though.


It was a very nice hike but Mr. C started feeling poorly at the end of the day. Hoping my home brewed colloidal silver will nip that bug in the butt. He said he was feeling better this morning.

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Happy Groundhog Day

Our group, Valley Wildlife Care, took our educational ambassador groundhogs to a local library to celebrate the big day.


Puxatawny Phil forecasts an early spring. Our groundhogs say 6 more weeks of winter.




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Good-bye January

Well I’m doing great on one resolution and not so great on the other.

I’ve walked every single day in January.

A total step count of 413,930 steps

That’s almost 202 miles! Not too shabby I guess.

Full disclosure, that is my total daily step/mileage from my fitbit. My daily purposeful walks were between 2-5 miles with a couple of longer hikes on the weekends.

These last few walks have been mighty chilly as the polar vortex has come down into Virginia. Although I would never think to complain when I know what my Michigan and Wisconsin Peeps are enduring.

This photo is from one particularly cold morning. 

no excuses

My blobbing resolution has not gone as well, but I can honestly say that I’ve had nothing of interest to blob about. All has been quiet here on The Hill.

Miracle Monster has been battling an abscess in her foot which has required many foot soaks.

miracle monster

Otherwise it’s just been the daily chores and keeping warm by the fire.

Happy February!

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I had so much fun playing with my new (to me) tractor in last weekends snowstorm. I not only plowed our driveway, but also almost our whole road and a few neighbor’s driveways too… Twice!

I just did it, not expecting any payment for it.

But when I left to go walk in the park this morning and saw this alongside one of the driveways I had plowed it made me happy.

thanks for plowing

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Winter Wonderland

I took a picture of the pond last night just as it had started to flurry a bit.


And again this morning.


We got about 5 inches or so overnight.

We had a bit of a lull in the snow so I went out and plowed. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I’m a good plower! OK, so maybe I’m tooting a little. I did our driveway and most of our road too. They say we’ll be getting another blast coming in this afternoon.



Last night before the snow started falling hard Mr C had a little more therapy regarding the hated porch railings.



Happy Sunday y’all!

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Double Eagle Day

Mr C and I hiked 6 miles at the state park today.

We saw quite a few raptors.

A few hawks




But the best sighting was these two bald eagles. They are just starting to show their adult plumage.



Now we’re back home and waiting for the snow to start. They say we could get 2 to 4 inches OR 4 to 6 inches OR 6 to 10 inches! I guess they aren’t really sure.

Whatever… I’m ready!


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