First Snow of 2020

The Hill was looking like a winter wonderland yesterday.



I love how the snow enhances the artwork




I had always coveted this rooster that BFG made for Capri D back at the house on Loveland street. When they downsized they told me that they were gifting him to me. They even delivered him back in November when they came for a visit! I love him so!


I’ve taken down all of the Christmas decorations except for the outside tree. I love how it looks with a dressing of snow.


It’s hard to believe that it’s supposed to be back up near 70 degrees this coming weekend! 

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The new group of girls are producing!!!


Lots of pretty colors too!

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Happy 2020, A New Decade

Wow, how did we get here?

I can announce that I made it through last year’s resolution to purposefully walk at LEAST 2 miles each and every day of the year.

I’m proud of myself for that.

I OBVIOUSLY did NOT follow through with last year’s resolution to get back to blobbing on a regular basis.

I forgive myself for that.

2019 had a lot of ups and downs.

We spent the beginning of the year house hunting because of the distasteful neighbors. We never found just the right place although we traveled a lot of miles with a great realtor! As it turns out, the distasteful neighbors moved away (YAY!) ,so we remain here on The Hill. I hope our realtor forgives us!

(The NEW neighbors are GREAT!)

We welcomed a new Sassy Cat in April.

Meet Grandy, she was one sick girl and would have died had she not found her way to our house. She earned her moniker with the amount of her vet bills.  She doesn’t always look this grumpy, this photo was taken right after her surgery.


Here’s a better one of her with George Baily back in July.


We said goodbye to Miss Kibbles in September


We also said good bye to our favorite Easter bunny, Sampson, in November. This photo was from happier days in April when the Crazy Dog family paid us a visit for Easter


The biggest shock came just before Christmas when we had to say our good-byes to Miss Miracle Monster.


She had been struggling with Cushing’s disease, had bad arthritis and chronic hoof abscesses due to her bad feet. We started her on regular pain management medications but she had a number of falls where she had a real hard time getting back up and on December 18th she fell twice, the second time she had decided that she was done trying and we made the decision to let her go.

The hardest thing is not hearing her whinny at me when I open the garage door every morning.

It was a relatively slow year with wildlife for me. 

I rehabbed and released an opossum, a number of squirrels and these three bandits


I also lost a number of wild babies as well.

The company that Mr. C worked for decided to ‘spin off’ their jeans-wear division into it’s own company. Mr. C didn’t like the direction the new company was going so he decided to resign and take a new job. So he is starting a new chapter in his career in this new decade.

While 2019 had plenty of good times, I’m not sorry to see it go. We’re looking forward to our new beginnings here in 2020.

Let’s see if I can do better with last year’s resolution failure.

Happy 2020 everyone!




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The Front Walk

Most of my attention to the gardens revolve around the back yard since that is where we spend the most time. But I do try to keep the front walk looking acceptable.

I’m not sure how many years ago I decided to try to make a living archway using arborvitae.  I planted two at the beginning of the walkway with the idea that I would keep pruning until it formed an entrance. It is now starting to grow together in the way I imagined.


Seeing how it’s coming along I wish I had planted a tiny bit further apart but what’s done is done. When we were thinking about putting the place on the market our real estate agent suggested cutting them down! I was horrified!

The daylilies look really pretty this time of year. They are Stella D’oro daylillies which are supposed to be reblooming but I’m not very impressed with them once the first bloom is finished.


I’m very happy with how my little front pond is coming along. There are two purple ornamental peach trees with a huge chartreuse hosta behind the pond.

(I see I need to do some weeding)


Just beyond the pond are hydrangeas, Mordens pink (non-invasive) lythrum and some zinnias. I still need to work on this area.DSCN0319

One of my favorite daylilies is right at the base of the stairs.

DSCN0318 That’s the front walk.

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All My Peeps

Surprise! I’m back.

It’s been a LONGGGGGGGG time since we’ve had a chicken post.

My flock has slowly dwindled these past few years. All That remain are 4 hens, one is pretty old, blind in one eye and is still presenting me with an egg every few days.



One is a transgender game hen that grew spurs and quit laying ages ago. She is one of a group that we bought at our one and only trip to a livestock auction many years ago. I believe it was in 2008



Two others were purchased from a local breeder and are just not reliable layers. I get one egg every two or three days from them.

Maggie and Myrtle


We also still have two roosters,



and Marley


Since I’m low-carbing again eggs are on the menu a lot so I gave in to temptation and purchased a bunch of chicks at our local farm store.


We’ve got 3 Buff Orpingtons


2 Barred Rock


2 Lavender Orpingtons


2 Buff Brahmas (although only one of them has the tell-tale foot feathers so I’m not sure about that)


and 4 Easter- eggers


So in about 6 months I should have more eggs that I know what to do with! Praying that they are all really hens because I just don’t need any more roosters!

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A Loss On The Hill

Several weeks back we had a loss here on The Hill.

We lost the old pine tree in the back yard. It was the ONLY tree that was in the yard when we first bought the place.

I’m sure I have better pictures of it in it’s prime years somewhere, but this is the best I could do.

pine tree

And LOOK… there’s Old Delilah hanging with Miracle before she was mine! *sniff* Miss that old girl.

Anyway, the pine has been in a sharp decline for the past several years. I believe it was victim to a virus in the soil. You can see that it was barely hanging on.


So I made the tough decision to cut it down.


The birds loved this tree because it was right next to the birdbath and that was where they waited for their turns to bathe, and it was where they returned after they bathed to preen. They miss it and so do I.


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Spring is Poppin/ A Sunday Stroll

Our first Sunday stroll of 2019

Blooms are bustin out on The Hill





Hosta are unfolding


Fish are feeling frisky


Birds are bathing


Life is Good!  Happy Sunday everyone!

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