Well What Do You Know… I Have a Neurological Disorder!

Something popped up on my facebook page this morning and I decided to do a little research on it because of some recent events that have been causing me great distress.

misophonia 6

That s called misophonia or selective sound sensitivity disorder 4s march _3401678c55882c90f84ef0f310a15ed7

For as long as I can remember certain sounds have driven me absolutely batty.

Sounds that most people do not even really notice in their day to day lives.

The sound of utensils scraping on plates.


Slurping sounds

misophonia 5

Chewing sounds

misophonia 4

Gum popping

misophonia 2

Any repetitive noise really

I’ve always attributed my seemingly over reaction to certain sounds to PMS or being overly tired.

But after reading about this disorder I’m POSITIVE I have it!

While I guess it makes me feel better that I’m not alone it doesn’t make it any easier.

misophonia 3




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New Kids On The Hill

My chickens are all considered pretty ‘old’ by chicken standards. I’m still getting a couple of eggs a day from them but they are near the end of their laying years and are close to retirement.  And NO… that doesn’t mean the stewpot!

So when we went and picked up this handsome fellow (who remains unnamed by the way)



we asked the guy if he had any pullets to sell. He really didn’t want to sell any of his layers, he is into breeding specialized breeds of chickens and peacocks. BUT he said he would consider selling this certain group of young birds because he wasn’t exactly sure that they were purebreds of the breed he thought they should be. A roo and 3 hens.



I didn’t want another rooster, but it was take these four or none of them. Look at those cute feathered feet!


The girls laid their first eggs these past couple of days!


Aren’t they pretty? The center egg is one of the older gal’s for comparison. They will get to be normal size as the birds grow.

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“Old Willy’ and a Sunday Slide

Mr. C. didn’t take very much from his dad’s garage when they cleaned it out but he did bring home his old snow blower because we have a pretty long driveway, and we certainly aren’t getting any younger! The dang thing didn’t work and we could have bought a brand spankin NEW one for what we put into it to get it going! But now that it’s working wooooo boy do I love that thing!

I’ve decided to name it Old Willy


My back is very grateful





After we got our driveway cleared and all of our critter pathways shoveled I forced Mr C to have a little bit of fun. Well… at least I thought it was fun!





Like I said before we’re not getting any younger, but it was fun to pretend for a little bit!

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Sunroom Bunny

With record setting cold temps the past few days I just couldn’t leave Sampson out in his condo. He has a wonderful space with an enclosed straw filled section to snuggle in but it hurt my heart to think of how cold he might get, especially at night.

I brought him inside and he ran right to the fireplace and plopped down and didn’t move for several hours. I just didn’t have the heart to put him back out so I fixed him a temporary space in the sunroom. He has the run of the house during the day but he mostly prefers to stay near his litter box and food dish.





That’s a warm, happy, relaxed bunny!

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I spent the day yesterday at a wildlife conference. I was kind of dreading going because everyone that comes brings a dish for lunch. I knew from past experience that the dessert table was going to be a real problem.

BUT I am very proud to report that I stuck to my diet and didn’t eat anything bad! Not the lasagna or the homemade mac and cheese, not the breads or pasta salads, and my biggest triumph…  not even a TASTE of any of this




YAY ME!!!!

Although, I must admit to coming home and having a glass of wine… a girl can only be so strong ya know!

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A Quick Visit

Mr. C’s Canadian cousin and her hubby stopped by for a visit on their way down to Florida this past weekend.


We decided to check out the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum.




Checking out the Space shuttle Discovery 






An interesting place to visit if you’re ever in the DC area.

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Beaver Treatments

Miss Matilda has recovered from the worst of her problems. She has gained weight and is mostly healthy.

Look at the difference in her tail from the time I got her and now!



Matilda tail 1-2015

However we have a little problem…

Matilda doesn’t like water.

Okay, so maybe we have a BIG problem!!!

She is fine in a shallow pool but if she gets into deep water she freaks out. She doesn’t like to dive or put her head underwater. This does not bode well for her being released back into the wild.

Beavers kinda have to be comfortable in the water.

There is a vet in a neighboring town that does both traditional  and holistic veterinary work. She kindly offered her services (FOR FREE!!!!) to Matilda to see if she could help her out.

So yesterday Matilda had a spa day!

She had an acupuncture treatment, chiropractic adjustments, along with Reiki and a massage.

Matilda Spa Day

Matilda spa day 6

Matilda spa day 7

Afterwards she enjoyed her favorite thing… a vigorous chin scratch!

Milda grin

I must say that she seemed to quite enjoy the entire process and when I got her home she had a definite spring in her step that I hadn’t seen before!

Only time will tell if she will improve with additional treatments. It is my sincere wish to be able to release her. But if not, she will become an education ambassador to teach people about what wonderful, gentle, loving and family-oriented animals beavers really are.

She has an important message to share.

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Rebecca Verna for her tender loving care!

If you have a critter that isn’t responding to traditional vet care, try holistic!

If you go see Dr. Verna… tell her Matilda sent you! :-)

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