Bird Watchin

One good thing about snow is that it brings a plethora of birds to the feeders.

Always a favorite,  we have at least three Pileated Woodpeckers that are coming for suet regularly.




This little bluebird posed perfectly



So did thisWhite-throated sparrow


The birdbaths have been busy as well.


Lots of Cardinals





Regular morning and afternoon murders (look it up!)


Plenty of other types of wood peckers






And the usual suspects, Bluejays, Wrens, Titmice, sparrows, juncos

and of course my all time favorite…


It’s hard to get anything done when there’s so much activity to watch right outside my window!

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Sunday Stroll January 31 2016

Let’s take a short stroll this morning, it’s 42 degrees!

YAY… above freezing!

The birdbath and the heron are reemerging from the quickly melting snow.

One week ago




One week ago




As is the cracked and leaking beaver pool

One week ago




Robin and blue jay are having meet and greet over a morning beverage




The views from Sassy Cat Hill are becoming recognizable once again.

Have a Happy Sunday!

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B.B. is a Jerk Part II

I walked away just for a few minutes and she ‘voiced’ her displeasure as only a beaver can…



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So Much For Resolutions Happy 2016

So here we are at the end of January. One of my ‘resolutions’ this year was to get back to blobbing on a regular basis. But then a series of unfortunate events derailed me right from the get-go.

The year WAS starting out great because Capri D and BFG were here! We managed to have fun even though BFG was feeling like crap. The highlight of their visit was going to Great Falls National Park in Virginia. Only an hour away and we’ve never been there. What a beautiful place.




Even while they were here the unfortunate events began. The hard drive on my 3 year old laptop fried. I took it to get checked out and the kind computer folks at Staples pronounced it dead. (Just a couple of months after the extended warranty had expired of course.)They did their best to extract the information and many pictures stored with-in.

After BFG and Capri D headed home I went and got a brand new laptop at Costco. I was SO excited but quickly became completely frustrated when the new laptop would have nothing to do with my comcast e-mail account and therefore nothing to do with my microsoft account because it was associated with my comcast e-mail account. I won’t bore you with the details but things are still not working properly. I am trying to muddle through.  I NEED an in-house tech fairy to help me through this crap. And may I say right now that comcast tech ‘support’ is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.

During that frustrating time I got sick… really sick. I didn’t leave the house or the couch for a week. Except of course for all of the critter care which can’t be ignored no matter what.

All through December we had record high temps and down right balmy temperatures. Then in January winter hit with a vengeance and we had record cold temps which promptly caused the beautiful new beaver pond to crack and leak even though I diligently kept the filter running and the water from freezing. Having the empty pond presented a host of other concerns and the beavers had to be moved out of their enclosure to a much smaller one.


This all happened right as the storm of the century was bearing down on us and the only thing I could do was drain the water and wait it out.

Maybe having to move the beavers was a blessing because I was able to completely cover the small enclosure and keep them from being buried in the snow.


Maybe the now empty pond was a blessing because I had someplace to put the almost 40 inches of snow that filled the enclosure!! That’s right FOURTY!


It’s going to be awhile until I can get the pond fixed which makes taking care of BB and Matilda MUCH more labor intensive and they are NOT happy with the substitute for the pond!


Neither am I.

And now I’ll leave you with a few current pics of the grounds here on Sassy Cat Hill.






Happy 2016





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Worm Rescue Workout

I’ve been thinking about my MaMa a lot lately. One particular memory popped into my head during my walk a couple of mornings ago.

Back when we lived in Greensboro N.C. my folks would come and stay with us for a couple of months during the winter. Mom would accompany me on my walks in a local park. We walked along a blacktop road and on damp mornings there would often be earthworms on the road.

Mom would make gentle fun of me because I would stop and pick up the worms to toss them into the grass so they wouldn’t be stepped on or hit by cars or bikes. She would complain that we weren’t getting good exercise if I kept stopping to save the worms.

So the other morning, in crazy warm December weather,  I was walking along a blacktop path at our local park and I could almost hear her again as I began to save the worms.


“Not good exercise” ???!!! I can tell you right now she was wrong about that!

Each worm… and there were a LOT of them, represented a squat or a lunge. I did deep squats, side lunges, forward lunges, cross-over lunges and if there was no one around to see me, even a plie squat or two.


My butt is killing me!

There were not many folks out walking that early (thank goodness!) but the few that passed me gave me odd looks. I would explain that I was saving the worms, which would produce even odder looks!  But it made me happy that after hearing my explanation I would see some of them treading more carefully and taking care to avoid the worms.

I made me sad when I came across one that I wasn’t able to get to in time.


I know, I’m a little be strange. Maybe it’s penitence for all of the poor worms I’ve impaled onto fishing hooks in my lifetime. I know I won’t save them all. But I figure if I save some lives and eventually (hopefully) get a nice tight rear end out of it…


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Christmas Hike 2015

It was downright balmy on Christmas morning. We got the animals cleaned up and fed and then headed up to Skyline drive for our annual Christmas hike. We chose the trail to Overall Run falls which is a little bit over 6 miles.

The weather was perfect for hiking. Not the mid 70s that had been forecast earlier in the week.

There were some interesting things to see along the trail.






As we got a couple of miles or so into the hike we both started thinking the same thing… the trip back was NOT going to be easy as we had been going downhill the entire time, the skies had started to get dark, and worst of all, I didn’t pack any Pepcid… can’t go anywhere without it these days!

We made the decision to turn around about halfway to the falls. On the way back we encountered a lady hiking to the falls alone… except for the bunny she had brought along for company. Yes, you read that right… she was carrying a BUNNY! I wanted to take her picture but didn’t feel comfortable asking. By this time it had started drizzling and patches of fog were rolling in but she continued on down towards the falls while we headed back to the parking lot.



By the time we got back to the car it was raining pretty hard so we were especially happy we had turned around. I hope the lady and her bunny made it back ok.


The drive back was even slower than usual.


We hadn’t seen any wildlife while we were walking save for a couple of squirrels and a couple of chippies. So seeing these 2 guys was the highlight of the day. Can you spot them?


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Continuing the Christmas Eve Tradition (With My Epic Fails)

Christmas Eve has become something we look forward to each year because of a tradition started back in 2011 with an invite from The Crazy Dog Family.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes.

I documented our very first feast here. (Pay particular attention to the picture of the cake and my favorite chin disguiser)

Oh my gosh, Nick and Jill never fail to amaze us with the spread they put on! Jill would insist that it’s all Nick, but we know that the behind the scene help is very important to a master chef.








Traditionally, I make the same cake each year. A tiramisu layer cake. It is soooooooo good. (Please reference photo from our first feast.)

This year my first attempt  at the cake went terribly wrong. I think I forgot to flour the pans and the eggs I used were smaller than normal.


So I made another one. This time something went wrong with the mascarpone filling. It still tasted ok but wasn’t as smooth and creamy as normal.



Thankfully the whipped cream frosting can cover up a multitude of flaws.


I daresay the first cake actually looks better than the second one. (on the outside!)

Bonus… we kept the falling apart one so we have a cake to enjoy on Christmas day too!

My second epic fail was the gift I made for them.

Oreo cookie truffles are supposed to look something like this.


My version fell extremely short of the goal!


They looked so bad that I didn’t even bother trying to do the fancy drizzles on top. (ALTHOUGH, they KIND of resemble Storm troopers so they are really on trend with all of the latest Star Wars hype!)

My official taste tester said they were delicious so I wrapped em up!


 Mr C has a new girlfriend


And this is STILL my favorite double chin disguiser!



Thanks again Crazy Dog Family for a wonderful Christmas Eve! There is nothing to compare with good friends and GREAT neighbors!



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