Sunday Stroll/Float

Mr. C and I took the kayaks out for a float yesterday. It was a perfect day for it!

As always the views were terrific!




Look! A heron butt!!


A couple of more flattering shots.



Always a blur when I try to catch them in flight


Clearer but a bad angle


Look Schmenkie… it’s the driest thing in the world!


Towards the end of our trip I was paddling along the bank and spied what I THOUGHT was a dead snapping turtle. When I went to investigate it blinked it’s eyes! It was clearly in trouble and so I made the decision to bring it home for a vet visit. Mr. C kindly offered the front of his kayak for transport. It was so weak it couldn’t even snap so his feet weren’t in danger.


We got lots of questions when we arrived at the landing area.

I got it cleaned up back at the house and can see a fair amount of shell injury but more troubling is the weakness and it isn’t moving it’s feet or head. I suspect a spinal injury. I’ll be taking it to the vet this morning and will update soon.



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2 Responses to Sunday Stroll/Float

  1. caprikel says:

    A bugs hull!!!
    Purty pictures! Interested to hear about the turtle.

  2. Emily Schmidt says:

    Why you no blob anymore?! Curious to hear whatever happened to the turtle!

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