Catching Up … A Real Vacation!

Since we are currently beaver-less we actually got to go on a real vacation this winter! At the end of February we headed down for a long awaited visit to see my Sissy at her beautiful Paradise Gardens on North Captiva Island, Florida.

We met up there with BFG and Capri D and brother Jimbo for a week of fun in the sun.

North Captiva can only be reached by boat or a personal aircraft. There are no cars, only golf carts, bikes or your own two feet to get around.

There are only a couple of small shops and only two places to go out to eat.  It’s WONDERFUL!

I kept my walking streak going with daily walks. I especially loved going to visit the bald eagle’s nest where I got to see these two adorable babies who were getting close to fledging.



DSCN0017 (1)


Also many walks to see if the manatees were in the canal



And walks to view the spectacular sunsets

DSCN0073 (1)

Capri D spent a large amount of her time sitting at this little table creating daily works of art. She was happier than a pig in poop out there!

DSCN0050 (1)


Sissy has gotten herself involved with this project.


She is allowed to handle, determine the sex, collect information, microchip and name these endangered Eastern Indigo Snakes. We were allowed to help her while we were there. This was a newly found snake that hadn’t been chipped yet. I am honored that she has been named Lisa!  Lisa is pregnant!

Good for THAT Lisa!


Mr. C and BFG dipped their toes into the waters of animal rescue when they spotted this beautiful sea turtle in trouble while out fishing.

DSCN0058 (1)

After many attempts they were able to pull her out of the water and we took her to a nearby marina to meet the folks that would get her the help she needed.

DSCN0059 (1)


DSCN0063 (1)

That blue thing is a sea turtle ‘stretcher’

DSCN0064 (1)


First updates didn’t sound very promising as she had several life threatening issues she was dealing with, but apparently she was transferred to a facility that was going to attempt treatment. They named her Applejacks!

Great job Mr. C and BFG!!!

On that note I’ll finish this post and will post more of my favorite vacation pictures next time.


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3 Responses to Catching Up … A Real Vacation!

  1. caprikel says:

    LOVE that you were able to vacation with your People!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more! ❤❤💓💓😘😘

  2. deb says:

    Was a fun memorable vacation, so glad we got to spend it with you and Mr C.

  3. Penny says:

    Sounds like the perfect vacation!

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