The Georgia Aquarium

We’ve been wanting to visit the Georgia Aquarium since it opened so we decided to stop by there before we went way down yonder to visit the beavers.

Despite the EXTREMELY high cost to get a very poor lunch and the fact that just about every single child in Georgia was also visiting that day we had a good time.

Look at those cute Beluga belly buttons!


Adorable sea otter snoozing


King Crab


Beautiful albino alligators


Stunning jellyfish



These were one of my favorites, grassy sea dragons



By far the most impressive was the biggest ‘tank’ where there was every type of fish imaginable. 




Whale sharks, all different types of rays, giant grouper, and many different sharks.

There is even a glass tunnel you can walk through and see them swimming above you.



It’s like you’re right in the water with them



Mr. C took this picture of me standing in wonder


Surely it WAS wondrous to see these beautiful creatures that I’m sure I would never get to do otherwise, so close up and personal.

At the same time it is a bit sad that they aren’t swimming freely in a vast ocean.

That is the conundrum of animals kept in captivity, be it fish or beavers or any other animal. They serve a very important purpose of educating people, hopefully making them see the beauty and importance of the fellow inhabitants of our world and in turn, be more informed and compassionate.

As long as the animals are well cared for and provided clean, healthy environments with daily enrichment, I think we should all take advantage of the opportunities we are afforded to see and learn about all of God’s beautiful creations.



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3 Responses to The Georgia Aquarium

  1. Nan Essler says:

    A beautiful and moving post! Thank you. From all NATURE.

  2. caprikel says:

    It’s true that they are ambassadors for their fellow creatures.

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