Way Down Yonder

On the Chattahoochee!

That’s where Mr.C and I spent the past weekend.

Most of you probably know that a couple of months ago Michi and Pita moved off of The Hill and headed down to live in Georgia. 

They will live out their lives safely at a wonderful facility, The Chattahoochee Nature Center, where they will educate the public and be wildlife ambassadors.

The decision to send them, and all that was involved to make it happen was difficult. But our hearts are happy knowing that they will never be trapped or shot.  In fact, they will live a life of spoiled luxury with a beautifully designed pond and a climate controlled ‘lodge’.

We flew down to check out their new digs and got to spend some time with them.




Michi seemed to remember us but Pita didn’t seem too interested in becoming reacquainted. She always was a bit more stand-offish and independent, the little brat.

Here is Michi with his best buddy


Their new pond is wonderful with lots of room to swim and dive. It is 6 feet deep in most areas with over 19,000 gallons of water that is pumped in from a large natural pond and is constantly recirculating with fresh water.



On Sunday we spent a number of hours just sitting and watching them in their new habitat.

Pita is much the same as she was here, very busy moving sticks around and upgrading her living arrangements.


Michi… also the same, swimming around and eating the entire time.



What astonished us both was the fact that as different groups of people and lots of children (LOUD children) came to see them they remained completely unphased and never acted the least bit stressed or frightened.


It did my heart good to listen to the comments of the various people. Exclamations of how cute they were, how amazing their tails and feet were. One young girl was excitedly telling her parents about how smart Pita was because she had watched Pita moving sticks and pushing dirt as she was working on her private outdoor lodge.


I do believe that they are doing their ambassador work quite well!


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2 Responses to Way Down Yonder

  1. Nan Essler says:

    It’s great to see your blog again! What a heart-warming story.

  2. caprikel says:

    Love this!! So glad they are doing well, I know that makes your ❤️ happy!
    Agreed, nice to see you blobbing! 😘

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