Enjoying the Water

We took the boat out a few times last week.

We went to Lake Anna where Mr C would like to retire some day.

There were a few places for sale but probably a bit out of our price point.




Mr. C fished without much success while I was feeling lazy and mostly just enjoyed the views.



We found a very active beaver lodge!


These were some ambitious workers!


An easy way to save your trees from beavers should you ever need to know.


When we got home that evening I got a call from the local sheriff’s office asking me to get in touch with a person who was claiming to have from some abandoned otter babies!

I had the guy bring them to me and was quite sure they were NOT otters but I wasn’t exactly sure what they really were! 

I could tell they were in the mustelid family mainly because they stunk to high heaven! I suspected they were weasels.  After what happened in the chicken coop a few years ago I knew that I didn’t really want to raise these two. So the next day I delivered them to the local wildlife center. They were thrilled to be able to raise these two MINK babies!




They are super cute! I’m glad someone was happy to have them and I’ve read that they are fun to rehab but I don’t really want them here on The Hill. I wish them nothing but the best…

                                   …somewhere else! 


Still more from the week to show you later Smile

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