A Busy Week and Saying Farewell to BB

Mr C took last week off for a staycation. Usually when he does that we end up doing a bunch of projects around the house, however this time he truly took the time to enjoy some of his favorite things.

He spent some time in the woods and lots of time on the water.

We did start the week doing one project and that was replenishing our woodpile for next winter. While doing that we discovered a great place in which to release BB. So after a couple of days preparing for my heart to be broken, we took him out to begin the rest of his life.

I opened the crate and he stepped out into a whole new world.


Tentative at first



Then getting braver


and braver




He looked before him and saw a new beginning filled with possibilities


He turned around as if to say thank you



Then set off to explore. I followed him for a bit and watched as he checked out the area




and did a little rub-a-dubbing


Then he got back into the water and disappeared around a bend


That’s when I did the hardest thing ever… I walked back to the truck and fell sobbing into Mr. C’s arms and we left.

I sobbed all the way home.

I found this rock while we were there which kind of depicts our journey. Two lives coming together for awhile before each going their own way.


Mr C said “I hope this gets easier.”

Somehow I don’t think it ever will.

I’ll be back with more from our week.



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7 Responses to A Busy Week and Saying Farewell to BB

  1. caprikel says:

    LOVE the rock! Praying for your sad ❤️, and that BB has a successful life. You gave him a great start. Hugs Schmenky.

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  3. What you do is a special thing..You have a big Heart for animals and BB will do just fine cause you have taught him well….Hugs to you and Cam…

  4. Linny says:

    When I come back the next time ( been here quite a few times already), I want to return as a lonely little beaver that will be rehabed by you, and given all your love . So that when I am released I will be strong and smart and be able to take care of myself. You would never have to worry about my future ’cause …. ya’ done good !!!!!!

  5. Henry Gardner says:

    After shedding a few tears here, I wiped my eyes and sent a big hug to you. Your care and concern for these creatures is over whelming. Love ya.

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