Worm Rescue Workout

I’ve been thinking about my MaMa a lot lately. One particular memory popped into my head during my walk a couple of mornings ago.

Back when we lived in Greensboro N.C. my folks would come and stay with us for a couple of months during the winter. Mom would accompany me on my walks in a local park. We walked along a blacktop road and on damp mornings there would often be earthworms on the road.

Mom would make gentle fun of me because I would stop and pick up the worms to toss them into the grass so they wouldn’t be stepped on or hit by cars or bikes. She would complain that we weren’t getting good exercise if I kept stopping to save the worms.

So the other morning, in crazy warm December weather,  I was walking along a blacktop path at our local park and I could almost hear her again as I began to save the worms.


“Not good exercise” ???!!! I can tell you right now she was wrong about that!

Each worm… and there were a LOT of them, represented a squat or a lunge. I did deep squats, side lunges, forward lunges, cross-over lunges and if there was no one around to see me, even a plie squat or two.


My butt is killing me!

There were not many folks out walking that early (thank goodness!) but the few that passed me gave me odd looks. I would explain that I was saving the worms, which would produce even odder looks!  But it made me happy that after hearing my explanation I would see some of them treading more carefully and taking care to avoid the worms.

I made me sad when I came across one that I wasn’t able to get to in time.


I know, I’m a little be strange. Maybe it’s penitence for all of the poor worms I’ve impaled onto fishing hooks in my lifetime. I know I won’t save them all. But I figure if I save some lives and eventually (hopefully) get a nice tight rear end out of it…


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2 Responses to Worm Rescue Workout

  1. caprikel says:

    Lol!! Only you Schmenky! 😘😘😘
    I remember your Mama fondly. ❤️

  2. Henry Gardner says:

    Amusing post. I laughed and then I wondered if this workout will catch on everywhere!!

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