Christmas Hike 2015

It was downright balmy on Christmas morning. We got the animals cleaned up and fed and then headed up to Skyline drive for our annual Christmas hike. We chose the trail to Overall Run falls which is a little bit over 6 miles.

The weather was perfect for hiking. Not the mid 70s that had been forecast earlier in the week.

There were some interesting things to see along the trail.






As we got a couple of miles or so into the hike we both started thinking the same thing… the trip back was NOT going to be easy as we had been going downhill the entire time, the skies had started to get dark, and worst of all, I didn’t pack any Pepcid… can’t go anywhere without it these days!

We made the decision to turn around about halfway to the falls. On the way back we encountered a lady hiking to the falls alone… except for the bunny she had brought along for company. Yes, you read that right… she was carrying a BUNNY! I wanted to take her picture but didn’t feel comfortable asking. By this time it had started drizzling and patches of fog were rolling in but she continued on down towards the falls while we headed back to the parking lot.



By the time we got back to the car it was raining pretty hard so we were especially happy we had turned around. I hope the lady and her bunny made it back ok.


The drive back was even slower than usual.


We hadn’t seen any wildlife while we were walking save for a couple of squirrels and a couple of chippies. So seeing these 2 guys was the highlight of the day. Can you spot them?


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2 Responses to Christmas Hike 2015

  1. deb says:

    Not too clear on my phone, but do I see a turtle by the log? Hmmmm, would like to have heard bunny lady’s story!

  2. caprilis says:

    Nope, not a turtle

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