Continuing the Christmas Eve Tradition (With My Epic Fails)

Christmas Eve has become something we look forward to each year because of a tradition started back in 2011 with an invite from The Crazy Dog Family.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes.

I documented our very first feast here. (Pay particular attention to the picture of the cake and my favorite chin disguiser)

Oh my gosh, Nick and Jill never fail to amaze us with the spread they put on! Jill would insist that it’s all Nick, but we know that the behind the scene help is very important to a master chef.








Traditionally, I make the same cake each year. A tiramisu layer cake. It is soooooooo good. (Please reference photo from our first feast.)

This year my first attempt  at the cake went terribly wrong. I think I forgot to flour the pans and the eggs I used were smaller than normal.


So I made another one. This time something went wrong with the mascarpone filling. It still tasted ok but wasn’t as smooth and creamy as normal.



Thankfully the whipped cream frosting can cover up a multitude of flaws.


I daresay the first cake actually looks better than the second one. (on the outside!)

Bonus… we kept the falling apart one so we have a cake to enjoy on Christmas day too!

My second epic fail was the gift I made for them.

Oreo cookie truffles are supposed to look something like this.


My version fell extremely short of the goal!


They looked so bad that I didn’t even bother trying to do the fancy drizzles on top. (ALTHOUGH, they KIND of resemble Storm troopers so they are really on trend with all of the latest Star Wars hype!)

My official taste tester said they were delicious so I wrapped em up!


 Mr C has a new girlfriend


And this is STILL my favorite double chin disguiser!



Thanks again Crazy Dog Family for a wonderful Christmas Eve! There is nothing to compare with good friends and GREAT neighbors!



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4 Responses to Continuing the Christmas Eve Tradition (With My Epic Fails)

  1. caprikel says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Love this!! I give you MAD props for knowing what a Storm Trooper is!!!

  2. Judy says:

    Lol, wonderful morning chuckle Lisa. Merry Christmas my dear old friend.

  3. deb says:

    What a wonderful tradition and special evening! I commend you on your baking, I would have run out to Costco! Merry Christmas!

  4. Brenda says:

    A Very Merry Christmas to two very special people, wishing you only the best and oh that seafood looked incredible, I never would have made to dessert


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