BB is a Jerk

We had quite a stretch of rain recently and BB discovered the joy of digging in the wet soil and mulch to make delightful mud pits. THEN she discovered what fun it was to plow all of her diggings right into the pond! Needless to say this was not good for the water quality or for the filtration system. The only solution was to completely drain the pond and vacuum out the mess. It was quite a project, but I got it done.


I was only able to refill the pond half way before the well started to get low so I decided to wait until the following day to finish filling it up.

I woke the next morning to discover that she had plowed a bunch of mulch right back into the water. You can see her plow marks in the dirt.



Thankfully, most of the MUD had dried up. So it was mostly just mulch she was plowing and the edge of the pond caught a lot of it.


But a lot still made it right into the water.






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