Updates: a Friday list

I’m still alive. Let me tell you, 4 beavers and all of the other critters produce lots of poop, all of which needs to be cleaned up.

I feel like that is what I’m all about these days… poop cleaning.

Not much time for blobbing.

Mr. C does lend a hand in the scooping for which I am very grateful.

Especially the horse poop scooping!

I celebrated my 53rd birthday on the 1st.

FIFTY THREE YEARS!!!! How did that happen?

I moved a huge pile of gravel that day so I guess I’m holding up O.K.

Mr. C and I celebrated our 30th anniversary on the 12th!

THIRTY YEARS!!! I can’t believe he’s put up with me for so long.

We went to a movie (The Martian… good!) and out for an early dinner (TGI Fridays… not so good)

Fall is peeking it’s colorful head around the corner.




Where did the summer go? I don’t remember it.

I don’t think I ever told you the newest beaver’s name.

It’s PITA, (short for Pain In The A$$)

He/she loves the blankie



Michi is growing up quickly and was abruptly transferred down to the downstairs beaver room when Pita arrived… he wasn’t happy about that!


I’m putting Pita down there each day so they’ll be used to each other when it’s time for him/her to move down there too. Pita is still on a bottle and quite a bit smaller than Michi.  Here they are ‘helping’ me to clean the tank.


The beginning of an uneven wrestling match


Pita gets scared and goes to the end of the tank


Begging for grapes. So hard to believe they are only a couple of months apart in age.


They are calling for the first frost of the year this weekend so I’ve spent the last couple of days preparing the greenhouse and bidding farewell to the gardens.


They are looking a bit tired these days… kinda like me!

Guess I’ve rambled on long enough… Happy fall everyone!

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