Wicked Scary Ride

I borrowed the Crazy Dog Family’s tractor to try to do a little bit of grading in Miracle’s pasture.

I took a wicked scary ride down the hill on the way!



I’ve driven the tractor up and down this hill many times, I have no idea why this happened, but it scairt the bejeebers outta me!


I was sure I was going over but at the end I threw my weight into keeping myself and the tractor upright.


Not going THAT way again!

Happier things…

Michi is growing up but still loves his bottle


Summer’s bounty has begun


Flutter-byes are fluttering


Blooms are bloomin



Happy Mid-July


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2 Responses to Wicked Scary Ride

  1. Penny says:

    Wow! Sounds like an exciting ride! Glad it ended with you being ok! Your place is so pretty. Really enjoyed seeing the beavers. I love the sounds they make.

  2. caprikel says:

    Sheesh Girl!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the Hill, all the grounds, critters and PEOPLES!!!!!!

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