And Here We Go AGAIN!

So the last day we were in Michigan for my Niece’s wedding I decided to check my e-mail and facebook messages to see if my pet-sitter had sent anything. What I found out was that people were trying to get a hold of me because another wildlife refuge in Virginia had gotten in this sweet baby and I guess I’m the official ‘beaver lady’ in Virginia at the moment.


He/she has a bum leg right now but is otherwise eating well and feeling feisty.



Right now I’m calling it Michi since I was in MICHIgan for a MICHniak wedding when I found out about him/her. Please shoot up a prayer or two for healing on the leg. 

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4 Responses to And Here We Go AGAIN!

  1. deb says:

    That face looks so sweet and cute. Sending up prayers for Michi’s health. Spell check wants to name it Michigan. Very appropriate and clever name, and endearing.

  2. Nan Essler says:

    Good luck with your new beaver baby! He looks like he’s smiling.

  3. Brenda Hoak says:

    She looks precious, hope the vet had good news for her, God has truly blessed you with a good heart Miss Lisa

  4. Carolyn Nord says:

    You are a treasure, Lisa! Bless you and your little clan!

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