Getting Close!

The beaver enclosure project has been somewhat consuming most of my time lately. The pond part is complete for the most part and has been curing before the big test of how it will hold water.


A rainstorm gave it a bit of a premature test run!


I put out a request for used chain link kennel panels on Facebook and  my wonderful sister Patrice just up and sent me a check to buy a whole brand new kennel! THANK YOU Sissy!!! Matilda and B.B. send you their love and thanks too! We added these panels to the old one in order to make a much larger enclosure.

We had to do a few reinforcements in order to make it escape proof, and I painted the fencing last weekend and we got it all put together around the pond.




I’ve started to do a little bit of landscaping around it to make it blend in with the gardens a bit more.  The little side pool with a ramp is for Poor Old Matilda and the cinder blocks to the right of that will be where I put their ‘lodge’.



This weekend we’ll get the filter hooked up and fill it! Please shoot up a little arrow prayer that it all works as planned! Thanks!


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4 Responses to Getting Close!

  1. warren says:

    That’s excellent looking! Job well done!

  2. caprilis says:

    Thank you Warren 🙂 Glad to know someone still reads this old blob

  3. Linny says:

    I read it also…I just never comment…I do so love to read about the beavers…I’m very jealous of you, being able to be so close to them and all…Plus your place looks like a little bit of heaven in Virginny!!!

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