Sunday Stroll 4-19-2015

Got up early this morning to be greeted by this beautiful sky.


I walked around and snapped a few more bloomin pics









As soon as it got light I went out and got the 2nd coat of sealer on the new beaver ‘pond’


It’s ugly but as long as it holds water we’ll be happy!

We tried moving Miracle into her new pasture yesterday and she kind of freaked out so we put her back for the night. This morning I bribed her with a bucket of grain and she seems a little bit calmer. We’ll probably move her back and forth for a little while until she’s fully comfortable.


Notice her very own run-in shed there behind her.

We had to get some new fencing done and some old fencing replaced and we enclosed our back yard completely so there will be no more dogs coming in and killing my critters.


The side yard where the greenhouse is feels much larger now.


Things have been happening around here! Still more to come too!

I think I might take the rest of the day off!  Happy Sunday!

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10 Responses to Sunday Stroll 4-19-2015

  1. Nan Essler says:

    You sure have made a beautiful place to live.

  2. Carolyn Nord says:

    What you see with your eyes through the photos you’ve shown, Lisa, certainly enters your soul & your spirit! You are blessed to be where you are, when you are, and with whom you are…critters automatically always included!

  3. JoanieK says:

    Wow! Awesome pictures, looks like spring is in full-force on The Hill! Amazed with all the stuff you’re gettin’ done around the house- you go girl!!!

  4. deb says:

    Spring on the Hill is so beautiful! You have done MUCH work. Looking forward to Michigan catching up with Virginia in a couple weeks. And look forward to seeing you and Mr C!

  5. vickie hunt says:

    Love your place in spring! Such beautiful flowers. Where did you make the shallow area in the beaver pond?

  6. caprikel says:

    The Hill is looking beautimous!!!!

  7. warren says:

    That doesn’t look like a bad people-pond either!

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