New Kids On The Hill

My chickens are all considered pretty ‘old’ by chicken standards. I’m still getting a couple of eggs a day from them but they are near the end of their laying years and are close to retirement.  And NO… that doesn’t mean the stewpot!

So when we went and picked up this handsome fellow (who remains unnamed by the way)



we asked the guy if he had any pullets to sell. He really didn’t want to sell any of his layers, he is into breeding specialized breeds of chickens and peacocks. BUT he said he would consider selling this certain group of young birds because he wasn’t exactly sure that they were purebreds of the breed he thought they should be. A roo and 3 hens.



I didn’t want another rooster, but it was take these four or none of them. Look at those cute feathered feet!


The girls laid their first eggs these past couple of days!


Aren’t they pretty? The center egg is one of the older gal’s for comparison. They will get to be normal size as the birds grow.

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5 Responses to New Kids On The Hill

  1. Laurie says:

    Call that Polish rooster “Rooski”. lots of “skis” at the end of Polish names.

  2. deb says:

    My dad’s name is very Polska….Stanley Gerald, only in polish its Zdislaw Stanislau. (Geeswaf Stanislaf….phonetically.) Just in case that inspires you! The girls are lovely and productive already! Chicken envy.

  3. Nan Essler says:

    Very pretty birds!

  4. caprikel says:

    The Clydesdales of the chicken world!
    That rooster is SO new wave!!!!

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