Sunroom Bunny

With record setting cold temps the past few days I just couldn’t leave Sampson out in his condo. He has a wonderful space with an enclosed straw filled section to snuggle in but it hurt my heart to think of how cold he might get, especially at night.

I brought him inside and he ran right to the fireplace and plopped down and didn’t move for several hours. I just didn’t have the heart to put him back out so I fixed him a temporary space in the sunroom. He has the run of the house during the day but he mostly prefers to stay near his litter box and food dish.





That’s a warm, happy, relaxed bunny!

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3 Responses to Sunroom Bunny

  1. Penny says:

    Sampson looks quite happy! So handsome. Does he need a partner? I may know where a very large gray and white bunny, that needs a home, may live…….

  2. caprikel says:

    What a handsome boy!!

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