Sunday Stroll 1-4-2015

It’s a beautiful day for a stroll on The Hill at a nice balmy 65 degrees! Don’t be too envious Michigan folk… the bottom is dropping out after today!

I’ve got the beaves out enjoying the fresh air.


This is Casanova, he is residing here until the new neighbors can get his enclosure built.


My pretty dirty pony


These 4 shadow me whenever I’m in the yard



Unless they are helping Mr. C in the garage



These are our Chukkars… I suppose I should give them names



And Baby Julio is still crowing for his his chicks



Mr C is looking forward to watching his Lions this afternoon while I’m meeting my friend to go and cut willow branches for the beavers. Happy Sunday Y’all.

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2 Responses to Sunday Stroll 1-4-2015

  1. deb says:

    Enjoyed the stroll, miss you and your critters! Nice to meet Casanova, he sure has beautiful colors and a full set of feathers. You must tell us about the Chukkars.

  2. Capri K says:

    The four followers made me laugh, very nice stroll! Ditto Deb,Don’t think I have met them.

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