Plugging Along

I haven’t posted in awhile because things just haven’t been going that great up here on The Hill.

Something killed Wally


Something killed beautiful Bobby Lee


And CC has developed something that has robbed him/her of the use of both back legs. The vet is stumped. We’re trying hard to get it figured out and fixed. All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated!

I haven’t been feeling good either. I’ll spare you the details but I had a bunch of blood work done yesterday, so hopefully we’ll get MY issues figured out and dealt with as well.

On a brighter note

BB is feeling a lot better and is acting like a good Sassy beaver should

Hopefully things will start looking a little bit better soon.

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6 Responses to Plugging Along

  1. Laurie says:

    Sorry to hear about your losses. hope you find that serial killer soon. Have the gun ready!! Hope CC gets well and sassy again like BB. also, hope that my favorite Hodge critter (that would be you) feels better soon.

    • caprilis says:

      Thanks Big Seester. No, we won’t be getting out the gun… I know every time I let the chickens out to free range I’m taking the risk that something might get them. I can’t fault an animal for doing what it does. We’re all just trying to survive around here. Prudence and Louise aren’t happy about being stuck inside the coop for now but they’ll be safe and hopefully whatever has been coming by for the buffett will move along.

  2. Penny says:

    You have such a large heart. It makes me so sad when I see it broken. But I also know how large your courage and determination are. This will all pass. Focus on YOU. Without you where would these precious creatures be? And where would WE be? We need our Lisa healthy. Sending positive vibes your way. And a very big (((hug))).

  3. BFG says:

    hugs and arrows from BFG Laurie and Penny are right – you and Mr C are the most important critters on the hill
    Luv ya Sis

  4. JoanieK says:

    So sorry to hear about the bad happenings around ‘The Hill’. Most of all, sending prayers your way and hoping you start feeling better. Love you lots!

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