Keeping Busy

BB and CC are doing great! They LOVE swimming together in the tub!



Also keeping me on my toes is Wally.


When I was perusing the garden center at WalMart I kept hearing a persistent chirping when I walked past a particular cart full of plants. Finally I stopped and searched and came upon poor Wally who had fallen out of the ceiling ductwork above the cart.

I don’t rehab birds. You need a federal license for that. However, Wally is a European Starling and since he is not a native bird he does not fall under the protected category. Unfortunately, that means that most bird rehabbers won’t bother with them, they are busy enough trying to save native babies. Also unfortunately, that left me with the decision to either leave him where he was (which would mean certain death) or wrap him up and take him home with me.  *SIGH*


He loudly lets me know when it’s time to feed him… about every 20 minutes!

I also got a call from our local Sheriff’s Dept today about this cutie!



I picked her up and removed all of the ticks covering her ears (easily over 100!), but she’ll be going to my friend Robin’s house to grow up. I’m a little gun shy about fawns since the two I had last year died.

As you can see, baby season is here! At least I have interesting things to blog about… although I’m not sure if anyone is reading since you don’t comment!  (Not you Penny, Kelly, Laurie, Aunt Nan or Deb)

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9 Responses to Keeping Busy

  1. Penny says:

    Glad I read your disclaimer….I was gonna get all huffy! Ha! I swear it’s like you are beacon of love to all misplaced/orphaned/needful critters. I just love that you do this. And I love that you share it with us!

  2. deb says:

    God bless you for caring for creatures great and small! All so cute!

  3. sherr033 says:

    Don and I Check you blog daily to see for anything new happening on the hill…

  4. Capri K says:

    I see the nursery is up and running full speed ahead!!!
    Bambi looks so sweet, have a good life at Robin’s little one!.
    We are engaged in battle with the pointy birds who keep throwing mud all over our covered porch. No nest or babies and we are trying to keep it that way! After reading a plethora of info on the internet, Honey is on a mission of hose patrol.

  5. Laurie says:

    How are the kitties reacting to their new housemates?

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