Seeing Double???


Nope! I got a call from the Richmond Wildlife Center yesterday about another baby beaver washed out of his lodge and rescued by a kind fisherman.

So last night I headed out and met them part way to pick him up so he and BB can grow up together!

Again, not sure if it IS a HE, but we’re going with that for now!

Things are gonna be mighty interesting on The Hill for the next couple of years.

For a name I’m thinking CC right now but I’m having trouble thinking of nicknames other than CC Rider… help?

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6 Responses to Seeing Double???

  1. Penny says:

    Yay! That is so awesome! I love that they’ll have each other for company. And they are all kind of cute too! I can’t think of cute nicknames for CC – I like CC Rider though! I had a friend with a cat named CC – but it stood for Crazy Cat… that won’t work for you 🙂 Very, very cute though! Can you tell them apart?

    • caprilis says:

      Right now I can Penny, BB’s tail is a bit thinner and pointier, CC’s coat is somewhat paler than BB’s, and CC is a bit thinner. As they get older I might have to put an x on someone’s head or something lol!

      • Penny says:

        Or I could knit or crochet little scarves to help with the ID 🙂 they are just precious, Lisa. I admire your love of critters so much, and especially your willingness to help them.

  2. Laurie says:

    DD (Delightful Double) , GG (Good Gosh — another one), JJ (Justa Joy). And, maybe, BB is the girl and the new one is Booker T — we have a dog at the shelter called that and I think it’s awesome.

  3. warrenp94 says:

    Holy cow that’s too cute! And I def vote CC…Cute and Cuddly, maybe?

  4. deb says:

    I like that you could continue up the alphabet with each new baby.

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