Stupid Cute

Annette King-Tucker is a wildlife rehabilitator in Oklahoma. She often refers to some of her wild babies as being “stupid-cute” The term definitely applies to baby beaver kits! I don’t think you can get much cuter!

For size comparison purposes…



This baby has stolen my heart. Even though we don’t know the sex, (which can only be determined with an x-ray), I’ve decided to refer to ‘it’ as a SHE because I want it to be a girl. I’ll still have figure out a name that could be either boy or girl. I HOPE to be able to get an x-ray done at some point so I know for sure!

I’ll just leave you with a bunch of images to make you smile.





Now THAT is stupid cute!

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3 Responses to Stupid Cute

  1. Penny says:

    Seriously stupid cute!!!!

  2. deb says:

    SHE is very photogenic!

  3. Laurie says:

    okay –unisex names: Bobby/Bobbi, Danny/Dani, Ronnie, Sammy/Sammi, Terry/Terri

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