Boys Are Trouble

Brutus Beefcake has healed nicely from his abscess surgery and he’s clearly gotten VERY content being indoors.


Poppet has been tolerant… sometimes.


Onto another boy’s story…

When we brought Casey home all of the cats tolerated him fairly well. All except for Kibbles… she HATES Casey and when he moved in she decided that she was going to permanently move into the basement rafters. She refuses to come down from there.

Of course I’ve made her quite comfortable. She has her favorite toy


She has multiple shelves to sleep on, she has her food and water, and yes, she even has her own litter boxes UP IN THE RAFTERS!




But Casey still occasionally gets bored and gets up into the rafters to torment her.

This morning I heard a crash down there and went down to find Casey running away with his tail all poofed out like a feather duster. I saw that one of Kibble’s sleeping blankets had fallen off her shelf.

Then I noticed blood … I tracked Casey upstairs following the spots of blood on the floor.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but this is the result



I certainly hope he’s learned his lesson! Somehow I doubt it, boys are trouble!

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5 Responses to Boys Are Trouble

  1. JoanieK says:

    Oooooh boy. “I’m not exactly sure what happened but this is the result”, being said by mothers of boys since the dawn of time, I’m sure. Looks like Beefcake is enjoying the comforts of being indoors, think this’ll turn into something more permanent?

  2. Laurie says:

    Guess Casey got what was coming to him. Glad to know Kibbles can stand her ground — or rather, her rafters.

  3. Capri K says:

    Ooh dear, that might leave a mark! Pretty sure he deserved it though. Give that Boy a nuzzle from me, I do love him. Brutus looks like he is NOT going back out!!! No more outside kitties.

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