Cute Food and Wildlife Rehab

I’ve been keeping busy with wildlife rehab things lately. Our group, Valley Wildlife Care conducted the area’s first ever Groundhog Day event at our local Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas.

Groundhog Day

Winchester Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter.


Since they are predicting a big snow storm for tomorrow and Thursday he obviously knows what he’s talking about!

The event was a fund raiser for our group and I was in charge of the silent auction.


We had some awesome donations.

My friend Michele Sommers  donated this painting


My friend (and painting teacher) Terri Nicholson donated this one


Other beautiful artwork,  watercolor prints were also available




Everyone was amazed by this cake from Beckaboo’s


Yes a cake!

The event was a success and we’ve been invited to do it every year. YAY!

This past weekend I went to a continuing education wildlife seminar and these were some of the things people brought in for our lunch



Another cake!

And  eagle and mouse cookies



I love cute food!

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4 Responses to Cute Food and Wildlife Rehab

  1. Penny says:

    Wow! The cakes and cookies are just adorable! So happy to hear the Groundhog Day celebration was successful. Thank you and VWC for all you do!!!!

  2. Capri K says:

    Love all the purty things and that your auction was successful! Was the sunflower yours? Some people get ALL the skills!
    Was the cute food tasty too?

  3. Laurie says:

    Those eagle cookies look amazing. Someone is very talented and most patient.

  4. deb says:

    I can hardly believe those cakes! The silent auction was filled with beautiful pieces of art, how generous a community you have…and talented.

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