Another Brutus Update

Brutus was getting pretty vocal about his boredom being cooped up in Mr. C’s office so we decided to turn him loose in the house to see what happened.

So far he’s pretty much made himself at home.



There have been no altercations or problems so far but we still put him in the office at night when we aren’t available to supervise.

He seems to quite appreciate being inside.



“Thank you, Thank you very much” (Doing his best Elvis impression!)

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3 Responses to Another Brutus Update

  1. Capri K says:

    He looks like he had a bath!!! Glad he is acting like a gentleman in the house, that could have gotten ugly real quick!
    Glad he is feeling better, another life used up!

  2. deb says:

    Brutus, from the start, has known a good thing when sees it. I wonder if he will want to go back to being a garage cat ever again.

  3. Laurie says:

    If he’s as smart as he looks, he’ll decide that he likes the comforts of a home.

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