Captain Dan’s Around the Island Trip

Captain Dan keeps his two boats in slips right next to the Hampton Inn, which is where we stay when we go to Chincoteague. On previous trips we commented that we should take the tour, but for some reason we never did… until this trip. We will be sure to book trips every time we go from now on!

Captain Dan is very knowledgeable about the area and has a great personality. What I liked best about him is that if you saw something and pointed to it, he would automatically turn the boat and head that way to check it out and make sure we got to see what we wanted to see. Even though he makes the trip around the island multiple times each day he never seemed bored or disinterested.

He has great stories, and apparently his wife owns lots of costumes! (you’ll have to ask HIM about that!)

Seeing the island from the water gives you a much better perspective.









We also saw ponies from his boat.



We took the sunset trip and it turned out to be beautiful!




We think it was the highlight of our trip, so if you ever get to go to Chincoteague put a tour with Captain Dan on the MUST-DO list!

Click this link to check out his website… There is a detailed description of the tours, the boats, and lots of really excellent pictures of the ponies and other wildlife.

 Captain Dan’s Tours


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3 Responses to Captain Dan’s Around the Island Trip

  1. Michele says:

    Good to know, thanks for the tip! Great pics!

  2. deb says:

    Your photos really capture the wildness, lack of humans, and beautiful color! Horse 97 has such distinctive markings, he looks like a sculpture.

  3. Ellen says:

    I agree..Capt. Dan’s boat tour is the “BEST” . It is a must do when visiting the island..He is very friendly and makes sure his guest are happy and comfortable.. 🙂

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