Chincoteague Ponies

If you go to the wildlife refuge on Assateague Island there is a certain field where you can almost always see a herd of wild ponies. Some days they are way off in the distance and other days they are much closer. We got lucky on our first day.




There is also a pony center in town where you can go and visit some of the ponies that have been rounded up and purchased in the yearly pony swim. The island needs to control the herd sizes, and each year they round them up and sell foals in order to raise money for the fire department on the island.





Here are some of the foals rounded up from this year’s swim, they are awaiting either their new owners to come and get them or they will be given back by their purchaser and will returned to the island to keep the herd growing at sustainable levels.




How cute is this butt???


Look for another pony post tomorrow Smile

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One Response to Chincoteague Ponies

  1. Capri K says:

    Very cute horsies! Is this horse operation like what The Pioneer Woman has on her ranch ?

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