Sunday Stroll 9-8-2013

I’m still alive, just not in the mood to write on the blob lately.

Let’s just take a short stroll today. Fall is approaching and the gardens are starting to look tired but the window boxes continue to shine!


The Sweet Autumn Clematis is so full that it’s pulling down the obelisk supporting it!



Tithonia (Mexican sunflower) with variegated grass


This is a plant I got at the Master gardeners sale, Mexican bamboo


Lovin my elephant ears!


And this is the painting I did at my last class… Kismet!


Have a wonderful Sunday!


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5 Responses to Sunday Stroll 9-8-2013

  1. Capri K says:

    Still looks beautimous down there!
    BOO BOO!!!! So handsome!

  2. warrenp94 says:

    I am having a hard time writing too…autumn blues maybe?

  3. deb says:

    Kismet glowing in the sunshine! Your green thumb gets greener all the time! The Mexican bamboo looks like Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant. Could they be related?

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