Sentimental Bird Feeding Station

When we disassembled the beaver enclosure after Pudge decided to leave, Mr. C also disassembled the beaver ‘lodge’ because Pudge had chewed the bottom out of it and also because if we ever get another beaver, I now know of ways I wish to improve said lodge.

The wood has been stacked by the fire-pit waiting to be burned which made me kind of sad every time I saw it. Not just because it was wasteful to burn still perfectly good wood, but that lodge had been used by both Paddy and Pudge. Just plain old 2×4’s but still…

I’m a sentimental gal.

This morning I was looking out at the birdfeeders that have certainly seen better days, metal shepherd’s hooks that have been bent over multiple times by the bears.

bear 7-26-2012 015

I decided to get crafty and ended up with a quite nice (if I do say so myself) bird feeding station! There are even visible beaver chew marks on it.



Still using the bent up shepherd’s hooks and Mr. C’s sister and brother-in-law gave us the big terra cotta pot which I fashioned into a drinking/bath spot.

Looks MUCH better don’t-cha-think?


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One Response to Sentimental Bird Feeding Station

  1. Capri K says:

    very nice!!! especially love the beaver chew marks!!

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