New Babies

A week or so ago I stopped by my friend Robin’s house to see the 3 fawns she was raising. Oh my word… the cuteness was almost unbearable!




There are not many rehabbers that want to take on fawns. I’ve always been curious and have thought about it once in awhile. But I never worked with any fawns at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center and had no experience with them. Robin has offered to help me out and I got my first baby a couple of days ago.



It’s a little boy… I haven’t given him a name yet, I’m waiting for him to show me his personality.

He was seen by a local home owner who did the right thing and watched him for a few days. When it was very clear that the mother was not going to return to claim her baby he gave us a call. He was dehydrated and weak and needed our help.

And so it begins…

I’m going out this afternoon to pick up another one… sigh… what have I gotten myself into??

CLICK HERE for informative information about what you should do if you find a fawn.

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4 Responses to New Babies

  1. Penny says:

    Oh my gosh! That is all manner of cuteness right there! What a sweetie. I’m so happy he is in your care. He’s a lucky boy for sure! Thanks for the link about what to do if we find a fawn. I hope I never need that info, but it’s a wonderful thing to have if I do! Thanks for all you do, Lisa!

  2. BFG says:

    OH Deer!!!!

  3. BFG says:

    what have you got yourself into?

  4. Capri K says:

    That’s what I was thinking BFG!!!!
    I am glad this little boy has you to guide him into a successful life. Hopefully, for you, he is not as much work as a baby beaver!!!
    I want to pet him!!!

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