Pudgie Update

When Pudge went missing I made up some flyers that I put in people’s mailboxes in the area.

I asked them to keep an eye out for him and if they saw him or any signs of beaver activity to please give me a call.

Yesterday I got a call from a guy that told me he had seen Pudge walking across his yard and down into the creek! If he went up stream he would find himself in a very secluded pond/swamp area. If he went down stream the creek eventually empties into the Shenandoah river.

I don’t know which way he went… but by gosh, my boy found water and that was what I was praying for!

Please keep shooting up arrow prayers for him when you think about it. But I can now call this a successful ‘unplanned’  release!

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3 Responses to Pudgie Update

  1. Capri K says:

    That phone call, my Friend, was a kiss on the cheek from God!!!!!!!

  2. Penny says:

    How awesome is this????? Sweet Pudge. Perhaps he didn’t want to drag out the good bye and decided to take matters into his own paws 🙂 Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  3. warrenp94 says:

    That’s great that he found water…and maybe a Mrs too?

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