Freeze Warning… in MAY!?!?!?

I arrived home Monday exhausted from my weekend of fun in Michigan. All I wanted to do was love on my critters and go to bed.

(Mr. C was at work)

But instead I had to run around and get this done!



Mr. C. always wonders why I save stuff like empty pots… for occasions just like this!


I covered up the tender annuals and said a prayer for all of the iris and other perennials already beginning to bloom!

Everything made it through the night and hopefully that will be the LAST of winter!

Isn’t this a lovely plant combination?


Glad these didn’t freeze!



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2 Responses to Freeze Warning… in MAY!?!?!?

  1. warren says:

    No kidding…we went from freeze warning to 90 degrees today. The plants should love that!

  2. deb says:

    Wow, crazy weather, you’d think you were in Michigan. It was 85 here yesterday.

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