This and That

Still busy around The Hill.

We got about half of that mulch pile spread and hope to finish up with it this weekend.

We had an unusual visitor to the bird feeders yesterday. They are not too common around here so it was exciting to see this beautiful male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.




This pair of Tree swallows have taken residence in my Bluebird house. Interesting that one of them is banded.


These are my latest wild babies. They are notoriously hard to keep alive so I hope I do well with them.


And just for fun, a gratuitous fluffy chicken butt


One of my Rhodies is getting ready to pop



The Japanese maple tree is looking particularly stunning right now


I’m going to deliver a mosaic this morning. Bobby-Lee is headed for his new home.


Have a happy Saturday!


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3 Responses to This and That

  1. Penny says:

    The Grosbeak is beautiful! And wouldn’t it be neat to learn the story of who and why the Tree Swallow is banded? Your yard is just gorgeous. You take beautiful pictures. I’m looking forward to getting Bobby Lee’s mosaic home! We’ll see you soon!

  2. warren says:

    The grosbeak is a beauty!

    And chicken butts are always hilarious!

  3. Capri K says:

    I wanna kiss a baby bunny.

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