Eagle Trip

I surprised Mr.C by booking us on an Eagle tour on the James River this past Saturday. We decided to drive down on Friday and check out some of the local sights.

We went to City Point VA which is where the Appomattox and James River come together.








Very interesting Civil War history in that place!

I would like to go back and see the gardens in the spring/summer.

We did get to see this beautiful Camilla in full bloom. It was the biggest I’ve ever seen!



While we were there we got to witness two Bald Eagles hunt and kill a seagull. It was fascinating and somewhat horrifying to see. It was some distance away so the pictures aren’t very clear.

The two eagles toyed with and confused the seagull in the air. Then one of the eagles slammed into the gull stunning it and knocking it into the water. Then the eagles took turns slamming into it while it was down until the poor gull died and was carried off for a meal.

I always struggle with this part of the order of things




After that we got to see a bit of the happier side of nature… two Ruby Crowned Kinglets he-ing and she-ing as Mr C likes to put it! These lil suckers never sit still so I was happy to get at least one decent shot of him!


More on the tour next time…

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3 Responses to Eagle Trip

  1. BFG says:

    very cool

  2. Capri K says:

    Mr C.’s isms always make me smile!
    Very pretty camilla!

  3. deb says:

    You have a knack for finding the good stuff!

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