Revisiting the Past

Mr. C was asked to go on a business trip recently. It required that he drive to our old stompin grounds.


I thought it would be fun to tag along to see how things have changed.

We drove down on Monday and checked out one of our favorite places to take visitors.


Boy has that place grown and changed! And is still in the process of growing.


Some things looked familiar though.




I have an old picture of the Schmenkmans’ standing by this buffalo on my bookshelf!


We drove by our old house


Things are a bit different



Some things are still recognizable though


The neighborhood has changed a LOT There is a Southern States and a garden center up on the corner! I imagine I’d have spent a few dollars at both places had we stayed there.

We also went by the park where I frequently walked



I took many a walks on this very road with my MaMa


We spent the night at the airport Marriot and wouldn’t you know that right behind the hotel lived a beaver!


It changed my perspective a bit on what beavers need to live. This was a small strip of land between the hotel and the road to the terminal!


There was a lovely pond and a creek in a teeny strip of wooded area. They had built a nice lodge and had a couple of small canals to travel and play in.

The next day Mr. C hopped on the corporate jet and flew to Atlanta for a few hours (la-dee-dah!)


while I drove around checking out my old haunts. It’s amazing how much you remember and yet how much you forget. I was glad to have G.P.S. to guide me around or I would have been hopelessly lost!

It was fun, the memories were bittersweet, but we were really glad to get back home to The Hill. When we left Greensboro I was so sad, but The Hill feels so much more like ‘home’ than Greensboro ever did.


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One Response to Revisiting the Past

  1. Capri K says:

    LOVE this trip down memory lane! I was thinking that museum looked familiar before you said we had been there!
    That doesn’t look like your house to me. Where was the front yard landscaping? Do Teri and Brian still live there?
    Beavers are industrious sorts! Good for him!

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