Miscellaneous Catch-up

So while I was on my short hiatus from blogging a few cool things took place.

On Christmas Eve we were once again invited down to the Crazy Dog Family’s place for the Feast of the Seven Fishes! We LOVE this tradition and are very happy to be included!

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 052

Aside from the great company, here’s why…

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 028

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 029

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 043

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 069

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 073

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 076

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 078

The Crazy Dog Family has a new two-legger!

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 041


She’s an extra cute chin disguiser!

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 048

Mr. Nico is a great big brother and he and Mr.C are good buddies!

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2012 038

When BFG and Capri D were here after Christmas we got a good look at this beauty!

bald eagle and peanut 010

And remember that Coopers Hawk that tried to shop at Big Lots? The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center got him all fixed up and I was able to go and get him and return him to his home territory.

2013 Jeff and Deb 018

2013 Jeff and Deb 023

I’m sure other cool stuff happened but that’s enough for now…


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3 Responses to Miscellaneous Catch-up

  1. deb says:

    Life is so full of so many good things! Congratulations to the Crazy Dog Family on their new sweetheart!

  2. Capri K says:

    That looks like A LOT of food!!!!
    Very precious chin disguiser!

  3. BFG says:

    what do I have to do to get us invited– nothing better than good neighbors, good people and good food- congrats to the Crazy Dog Family

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