Happy New Year!!

I know I’m a little bit late, please forgive me…

I have reasons!

The year started out in the best way possible, two of my most favoritist people in the world came to visit!

Big brother BFG and Capri D!

2013 Jeff and Deb 007

After they left things went downhill. The Crazy Dog Family lost one of the sweetest pups that ever lived, Cali-bear.


The very next day I rushed our much loved

Tux-a-Reeno-Bo-Beeno-Fo-Feena-Deeno to the vet. He had been feeling poorly and as it turns out he was infected with the feline aids virus. All of his blood work came back dangerously low and there was nothing they could do. I could tell he was really miserable, so I had to make the decision that no one ever wants to make. He will be sorely missed, especially when I’m working in the garden since he was my constant companion and official snoopervisor out there.



THEN, my laptop died. So we went out and got a new one with the new Windows 8 operating system. It has taken me a week and many tears of frustration trying to get the thing to do the very few and simple things that I need it to do.

Things can only get better from here… right?

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5 Responses to Happy New Year!!

  1. CapriP says:

    Things ALWAYS get better…….

  2. Laurie says:

    They say that the bad things always come in threes. Looks like you’ve met the requirements , so it should be all uphill from here. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the sun starts shining in your life again.

  3. Capri K says:

    Hallelujah and thank you Lord, she posted!!!!!
    I hope you are on the right path to better days. I will miss that kitty witty too, he was a good ‘un.
    Capri P is right. Hope floats.

  4. Michele says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh my gosh: Pudge! I must read more about him. So cute!

  5. deb says:

    I’ll always remember Tux fondly. One time, I was helping you in the garden and he seemed to delight in sneaking up behind and ambushing me….in a fun way of course. He was my porch sitting buddy too. His legacy lives on! Sending you a hug, and hoping “this too shall pass” very soon.

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