Another Thanksgiving Memory

These slides were labeled in the year 1970… that would have made me only 8 years old. But I have a few clear memories of this Thanksgiving.

That year we went up to the cottage in Da U.P.

I’m not sure WHY exactly… anyone?

We usually only went there during the summer so this was an exciting trip.

It snowed!!! It snowed BIG! Not really THAT big, but it sure seemed like a LOT at the time!


 I remember building that snowman!


Another small kitchen where my Mom managed to put on a big spread!



We didn’t have electricity at the cabin. We used Coleman lanterns for lights and had to dry our snow- soaked clothes by the fire.


We also had to use an outhouse and get our water from a hand pump… OUTSIDE!


While we were there we went out and cut our Christmas tree to take back home with us.




I remember Dad getting up on the roof to get the snow off… seems kinda silly now.



Here’s my brother Jimbo and Wow, nice outfit Capri P! Look at me sitting there reading so sweetly… I was SUCH an angel!


And as always, Daddy carved the bird…


Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!


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2 Responses to Another Thanksgiving Memory

  1. Capri K says:

    These pictures are making me miss your Mama. She was AMAZING to perform in those conditions, a regular Ma Ingalls!!!!!

    Love the pictures and memories. Patt, Patt, Patt. I guess she wanted to be all matchy matchy with your Dad!

  2. What an adorable cabin, and what precious photos to have of those memories. Reminds me of my childhood, when I was I guess 12. We lived in a house with no electricity, running water or a bathroom for about a year… but Dad was there, so it was one of my best years in memory, in spite of the Northern PA winters, having to get water by metal (COLD) bucketfuls from the spring behind the house, and using the outhouse. And the snow off the roof makes sense… don’t want that roof to cave in!

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