Craig’s List Find

While up in The Mitten for my birthday trip Capri D and I spoke of our mutual longing for a glass saw. A saw that will cut wonderful curves in glass which will make for some serious mosaic inspiration.

Just for kicks and giggles I checked on Craig’s List and just look what I found!!

trip for glass saw 024

I can’t wait to get started experimenting!

Mr. C and I made a day of it and enjoyed the drive taking in the fall colors and the unbeatable scenery in three different States! Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

trip for glass saw 009

trip for glass saw 007

The house where I bought the saw was in Maryland.  Sooooo cool! My pictures didn’t turn out well but It was featured in a couple of magazines CLICK HERE for one of the articles and some good pics…

Or Click HERE for a cool YouTube video!

I loved the old ice house

trip for glass saw 008

Right across the street from there was this cool burned out old building

trip for glass saw 004

Driving through Harpers Ferry WV

trip for glass saw 013

On the way home from picking up another Craig’s List find (some old windows) we saw this beautiful 10 point buck marking his territory.

trip for glass saw 017

trip for glass saw 019

THAT was Mr C’s favorite part of the day!

A gorgeous sunset on the way home.

trip for glass saw 022

Life is good!

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One Response to Craig’s List Find

  1. Capri K says:

    I had a feeling one of those saws was in your future!!
    Very pretty West by God Virginia and Maryland pictures!
    I wonder what is in the ice house now?

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