This Ain’t So Bad….


AKA Tux-A-Roosta-Boosta-Noosta

is Mr. C’s favorite. (Shhh, don’t tell Kismet!)

We’ve tried off and on throughout the years to get him to be an indoor cat but he always resisted.

Late yesterday afternoon Brutus Beefcake make his way into the backyard to try to pick a fight and when I opened the door to yell at him Tux just came inside to avoid him.

Tux comes inside 001

Tux comes inside 007

Tux comes inside 002

Tux comes inside 004

“I really can’t stand that guy!” 

Then he decided he kinda liked it!

Tux comes inside 009

Tux comes inside 010

“Yep, it’s pretty darned comfy in here!”

Tux comes inside 012

Tux comes inside 013

“I could get used to this!”

None of the other cats seem too upset about the idea so far… we’ll see what happens.

In other news I got a call about these two lil orphans…

Don’t freak out Capri D!

Biacha and baby mice 009

Yep, two baby mice. Sadly, one of them died during the night 😦

Also, we moved Baby Julio and Biacha down to the big chicken coop after our timid little hen, Speck died. Miss Biacha was just to darned mean to the other hens so I threw her out of the coop and she is very happy free ranging in the yard. I know this puts her at risk, but I swear she is so mean she has a pretty good chance of survival!

Biacha and baby mice 002

Nellie is scared of her.

Biacha and baby mice 003

“Ain’t NOBODY gonna mess wit ME!”

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to This Ain’t So Bad….

  1. Capri K says:

    She is SASSY!
    Maybe Tux is feeling his age and would like to use your house as his retirement home. He looks pretty moved in!
    Sorry about your mousey, how long do you raise the other fella?

  2. deb says:

    Glad Tux has good ol’ common sense to move in…winter’s comin, and he’s not a young man any more. Hope it works out for everyone!
    God bless you on your efforts to take care of all creatures, great and small, sweet and feisty!

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