My 50th Birthday Party

My Sissy hosted my birthday dinner. I was so happy that so many family members made the trec over to wish me well. Thank you one and all!

I can’t believe that I hardly took any pictures at all! We do have a couple of new babies in the family. My niece Erin and hubby Charlie welcomed this little punkin to our crazy family…

Little Lia is such a lil doll-baby!

50 th b-day MI 006

And Niece Jackie welcomed this lil fluffball which naturally had me preoccupied most of the day!

50 th b-day MI 012

His name is Finnegan and he’s a boob-man!

50 th b-day MI 017

50 th b-day MI 021


Yep he nestled right in there and slept a good part of the day!

50 th b-day MI 024

50 th b-day MI 037

It was a great day! Thanks again everyone for coming! I love you all!

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5 Responses to My 50th Birthday Party

  1. Denise Davis says:

    Lisa, over on the Chit n Chat board we noticed you had a birthday this month; then I came here and found out it was the big 5-0! Happy birthday! I turned 50 a year and a half ago and feel great about it. It was one of my proudest moments, realizing how much I’d done in my short time on earth. It looks like you, too are doing great.

    Wish I had more time to poke around on your website and look at your mosaics, you’re such a master craftswoman!

    Pop in to C n C sometime soon; we miss you!
    ~Denise / Purplewalls

  2. Nan Essler says:

    Oh, what a cute kitty! Cute pictures, too. Funny!

  3. deb says:

    Can you believe that was two weeks ago already! Really enjoyed your birthday celebration, and I think a kitten in cleavage is a great fashion accessory on you! xxx

  4. warrenp94 says:

    I dare not say much but Finnegan seems to be quite smart…a credit to his species!

  5. vickie hunt (KUP) says:

    Glad you had a great birthday. Love the kitty holder! I love a purring kitty on the girls!

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