Sassy Sunroom

I fully expected that as soon as The Sassies had access to the sunroom that they would never be removed. A room full of windows in which to watch birds and other animals and activities would surely be irresistible right?


The Sassies knew that they were not allowed past the threshold of those doors… it has always been that way… and these kitties follow the rules!

Well… except for Casey…

He made himself right at home out there!

sassy sunroom 004

The rest of the group would sit at the doorways and look in, and if they DID go out there they would run back into the house as soon as they saw me as if I was going to scold them for breaking the law!

Slowly but surely they are discovering that the rules have changed and they are spending more and more time out there.

coyote, misc 009

Frick and Frack

more Sassy Sunroom 007

Kismet is camouflaged perfectly by the tile.

sassy sunroom 002

Kubota is making it his mission in life to test each one of the chairs to see which offers the most comfort and best views.

more Sassy Sunroom 002

sassy sunroom 008

Poppet dreams of all the laps that will one day sit here on the window seat.

more Sassy Sunroom 003

Bitsy still isn’t really sure she should be out here

more Sassy Sunroom 009

And Casey has commandeered the ottoman as his!

sassy sunroom 007

sassy sunroom 005

more Sassy Sunroom 001

Well… until Kubota takes it!

more Sassy Sunroom 006

And poor Kibbles lives in the basement rafters and doesn’t even know that this new wonderland exists!



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2 Responses to Sassy Sunroom

  1. Barbara says:

    Lisa, the sunroom looks terrific and I can only imagine how comfy it is! Your four-footed babies are so adorable!!! Clam

  2. Capri K says:

    Your sunroom is well decorated with kitty-witties, that’s for SURE!!!
    I miss those sassies!

    Doesn’t the 5th picture, of Kubota, look like your house outside is PURPLE???!!!

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