Good Night Sweet Roxie


This morning our oldest Sassy cat, Roxanne passed away. She had lived here on The Hill even longer than we have!

She belonged to our late neighbor’s Patrick & Nancy until they passed and Roxie decided to move in with us. We suspect that she was between 22- 28 years of age!

It’s hard to be too sad as the dear old girl hasn’t had much quality of life lately. She was senile, blind, deaf, and had a hard time using her back legs. But I was beginning to think she would live forever. She never lost her appetite and didn’t seem to be in any pain.

She always had a purr when ever we picked her up but she also had a serious sassy streak which led to bloodshed if you didn’t heed her warning meows.

I could tell she was nearing the end and I’m grateful that I was holding her and petting her as she left. It was peaceful and as near as I could tell she was not in any pain.

I’m sure she is now napping in Patrick’s lap in heaven.

RIP sweet girl


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9 Responses to Good Night Sweet Roxie

  1. Penny says:

    Ohhhh. I’m so sorry. Such a pretty girl. It’s so sad that her original “parents” passed away, but so sweet that y’all took her in and cared so well for her. Bless her heart. May she rest in peace on the lap of Patrick.

  2. deb says:

    The hill will surely miss her….but she had a good life with loving caretakers. So touching the way you tenderly helped her last moments.

  3. warren says:

    Sorry to hear you lost her…

  4. CapriP says:

    She was the Sassy Cat matriarch and definitely will be missed.

  5. Capri K says:

    It’s always hard to loose a kitty witty, no matter what age. Love you.

  6. Oh, Lisa, I am SO sorry to hear this news… but I do know she lived a long and loved life, and for that I say, Happy Travels, Roxanne… ❤

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