How About a Sunday Stroll

The Ruby Slippers Lobelia is glorious this year

sunday stroll 8-5-12 008

The Joe Pye Weed is also looking extra loverly

sunday stroll 8-5-12 011

The butterflies love it!

window seat and yard 011

There are some more Hydrangea blooming

window seat and yard 005

window seat and yard 006

This is the tree form that I got on clearance a couple of years ago

sunday stroll 8-5-12 005

The Mexican Hibiscus is blooming, this is the plant that everyone thinks is marijuana

sunday stroll 8-5-12 009

sunday stroll 8-5-12 016

Here’s a curious cutie checking me out

sunday stroll 8-5-12 001

sunday stroll 8-5-12 002

Doesn’t Tux have the coolest eyes? They are almost white!

sunday stroll 8-5-12 004

The crepe myrtle is starting to bloom

window seat and yard 007

This is a pretty tall pot with a couple of water plants in it, I was surprised to see that the frogs got into it and now it’s full of tiny tadpoles!

window seat and yard 019

window seat and yard 020

Enjoy your Sunday, take a stroll.


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One Response to How About a Sunday Stroll

  1. Capri K says:

    the Hill looks wonderous!

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