Testing the New Window Seat

I’m sitting on the new window seat enjoying my morning coffee. I’ve got all the windows open and I can hear the waterfall in the pond, crows, blue jays, frogs, squirrels, morning doves, wrens, cardinals, a hawk, cicadas, a pileated woodpecker and of course… Baby Julio crowing his heart out!

So far this morning I have seen a bunny, hummingbirds, mockingbirds, a woodchuck, squirrels, bees and butterflies and I feel like I’m sitting right in the middle of the garden.

window seat and yard 001

window seat and yard 003


I’m so going to LOVE this room!

So is Tux

window seat and yard 023

Boy… ya get up for ONE MINUTE to get a refill and someone steals your seat!




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One Response to Testing the New Window Seat

  1. Capri K says:

    Looking good Schmenk!
    I am glad to see these pictures, have been wondering how close you were to the pond.
    Are you having a deck off of here or just flower beds?
    Tux is glad you built him his own room. The garage will seem like a punishment now!

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