Your Input Is Needed!

The sunroom is really coming along! With the windows installed and the siding on it really looks like part of the house now.

sunroom tile choices 001

sunroom tile choices 002

sunroom tile choices 003

I have a decision to make and I would really appreciate everyone’s opinion, so please leave me a comment with your # 1 choice.

I’ve got my tile choices down to two and now I’m stuck.

sunroom tile choices 004

As you can see Mr.C and I built the first part of the DIY sectional window seat and I found some cushions … ON CLEARANCE!!!! YAY!!!



(please ignore the cat hair!)

Both tile choices blend well with the cushions.

sunroom tile choices 005

They are 18”x18”

The grout I plan to use will be a dark brown, very close in color to the darker tile. So if I go with the darker tile, the grout will blend right in, while if I go with the lighter tile there will be more of a contrast. I have to say that while the darker tile looks pretty much as pictured, the lighter tile is much more of a sandy goldish color than it appears in the photos. 

I’m torn… help me choose!

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16 Responses to Your Input Is Needed!

  1. If you truly don’t have a preference, I’ll just share my experience with you. I wanted a “cottage” look when we put down our tile, so I chose a beautiful white tile. I didn’t count on the mess that three dogs we have would make, which means that my floor NEVER looks clean — and not just the grout, really the whole floor. From this point on, I personally will go with the darkest flooring that still matches what I am wanting to do. If that isn’t going to be a problem for you to consider, then I really think they are both pretty (although I’m still leaning toward the darker one).

    • caprilis says:

      Thanks Lori, That is precisely why I’m going with the mottled look and with dark grout! I think both will be good as far as not showing dirt.

  2. My vote is for the darker one, though both are nice. I like the darker one because it would be much like a dirt floor, in your “Nature Room”… just a thought 😉

  3. Jill says:

    Another vote for the darker! 🙂

  4. Sina Schmitt says:

    I´d prefer the lighter version, it goes better with the other colors in the room…just my opinion … but the darker one is pretty, too. I´m having similar choices to make, too, at the moment …- we´re house-building.

  5. warren says:

    I always vote dark…it’s the color of dirt!

  6. Capri K says:

    You know I can’t make choices for myself, let alone YOU!
    I would ask Capri’s P & D.
    I really do like them both, hence my decision paralysis.

  7. Laurie says:

    I like the lighter one. It looks a lot like our flooring in the cottage . The mottled look is fantastic. Sometimes I bend over to wipe up something and discover it is just part of the design!!

  8. sharon says:

    I like the lighter one…The dark one looks like the floor will alway look dirty…

  9. Kayte says:

    My vote is for the lighter one. Also, look at me commenting!!! 🙂

  10. Paula Dean says:

    I like the lighter one too. Just brightens the room.

    ******poster from the past. Your sunroom looks great!

  11. vickie hunt (KUP) says:

    I like the darker one. It makes the red in the cushions pop! With the dark grout, the dark tile will look like a solid floor rather than a square here, a square there.
    Your sun room looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see the finished inside. What color will be the inside walls?

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