The Fun Stuff

As things are beginning to take shape with the sunroom, my thoughts are becoming filled with ideas… decorating, garden designs…  you know… the FUN stuff!

Mr. C and I have been shopping for furniture.

(His own personal hell)

Why in the heck is everything so POOFY these days? The only thing I found that I remotely liked was really not what I had in mind for that room and the price was WAY more than I wanted to spend. I found a possibility on Craigs List but Capri P made me realize it would be a bit too big for the space.

As I started thinking more about what I wanted, I kept coming to the conclusion that what I really wanted was a big window seat. I don’t want anything with a high back on it to interrupt my view of the gardens. After hours of poking around on the internet I found this blog with a DIY sectional… I LOVE it! I’m going to build it myself! I will modify it to make it better suit my needs.

Check it out…

It will be so inexpensive that if and when I find something that I like better I can get it and move this one outside or dismantle it and use it for firewood! I can’t wait to get started!

And if you want even more DIY projects go and check out this catalog of FREE plans for some really cool ideas!

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One Response to The Fun Stuff

  1. Capri K says:

    LOVE It! I’m sure the sassies will approve too!

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